Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Search

Ken Zampese and Mike “Meathead” Tice.  Do those names do anything for you?  Because as it seems now, one or both of those guys are going to be your next offensive coordinator(s) of the Chicago Bears.

Yes, you heard that right, according to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears might consider splitting the duties of the offensive coordinator between multiple people.  This stuff is just too good to make up.

Just weeks after admitting the 2009 experiment of the head coach calling the plays for the defensive coordinator in name only that was really the linebackers coach, now the Bears are considering the unprecedented move of hiring multiple coordinators?  I’d say that they have got to be kidding me, but I don’t believe they are.

My only hope here was that since in Jerry Angelo’s own words this is the most important decision since hiring the head coach, that the Bears would hire someone that’s actually been an offensive coordinator before.  As much as I was concerned at the thought of seeing Mike Martz running the Bears offense, at least he’s done it and had success.  Ken Zampese may be an excellent prospect, but he’s going to be learning on the job just like EVERY Bears offensive coordinator has in my lifetime (except when Ron Turner was brought back in 2005).  That’s right, at least back to the late 1970′s, other than Turner, every Bears offensive coordinator has been new to the position when he took the job.

As I keep saying, 2010 is going to be fun.  “Fun bad” that is.

2 Responses to “Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Search”

  1. Unfortunately for fans this is a 2nd rate ownership for a second rate team.

  2. We shall see. I still believe the Bears are eying new meat coaching on one of the Teams still in the playoffs. Would love to see Carmichael/Saints QB coach hired as the new Bears OC. Love it, Love it. One could only hope.

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