Chicago Bears Minicamp 2009

Good thing the Bears moved up their minicamp several months, or we’d really have nothing to talk about this offseason with Jerry Angelo’s relative lack of moves to improve the team.  Oh, wait, we could talk about Kyle being our quarterback.

For daily updates on the minicamp, I find the best place is Brad Biggs’ blog in the Chicago Sun-Times.

John St. Clair has bolted for Cleveland.  Good luck to St. Clair, he became my favorite Bear with his resurgent season in 2008.  The loss forces new signee Frank Omiyale to move from backup left guard to starting right tackle.  What a shame the Bears won’t be able to pay $15 million to their backup left guard now.

Finally, new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, the person the media is making out to be the Chicago Bears’ savior, thinks he can turn Mark Anderson into the next Simeon Rice.  Let’s hope he can do it.

16 Responses to “Chicago Bears Minicamp 2009”

  1. Carl Parisien Natick MA on March 19th, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    Mark Anderson as Simeon Rice? who are we kidding here? I dont see it happening.

  2. i can see mark anderson becoming a good, not great player. he will be another alex brown and thats not bad. Marinelli will also have good insight to the remaining lions players so hopefully we can still beat up on them. the d line definatly has to improve though so our LB do not have to keep blitzing to get any pressure. i am an orton fan but does anyone else get goosebumps at the thought of jay cutler coming to the bears? hey, roy, before you shoot me down, could happen.

  3. The bears need to make REX GROSSMAN the #1 guy. He is the best. Give him a chance.

  4. kevin, please say your kidding. you have to be a packers fan looking to sabotage the team

  5. hey Terrill…thanks for reading the site. I’d love to see the Cutler thing happen. I just don’t think it will.

  6. I thought the Bears released Grossman.

  7. They didn’t have to release him. His contract ran out. Now he is in limbo waiting to fill out an application at Kinko’s.

  8. Last I heard Grossman was looking to go back to the University of Florida since Tim Tebow will be gone in a year :D

  9. i think i just saw grossman being cut by a pee wee football team by my house

  10. Is it just me or did 75% of Anderson’s rookie sacks come when nobody was blocking him? Not sure why it happened so often but once they started putting guys on him, the sacks stopped. Oh and Rex just made me a $5 footlong at a Subway here in Tampa. He says hi.

  11. One more thing, I love reading Biggs, he’s the best…but stay away from those comments, most of those guys are idiots, that’s why I come here.

  12. Perno, you’re the man, thanks!

  13. This Blog Sucks on May 14th, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Wow, whoever wrote this is an idiot. I love how you incompetent rejects rabidly complain a month before the draft about how the team hasn’t done enough when there is still 7 months before the 1st game. Looks like Chicago made some pretty good moves so far since you opened your pathetic mouth. Oh, and if the comments section here is better than Biggs website, they must be some dumb M-Fers over there. This is my first visit here, and assuredly my last.

  14. Wow, you must be a dumb M-Fer to post a comment slamming this site, while still giving the host your email address. Prepare to get signed up for a whole bunch of porn advertisements with some hardcore man on man action. Your inbox is going to look like a collage of Oscar Wilde’s favorite hangouts. Oh and he was talking about his history in past seasons, not what JA had done up to that point in this offseason. I am glad you will never come back to this site, as you are obviously a person that runs from blog to blog trying to insult people into an arguement. Have a wonderful life. P.S.- Sorry that your d*** is so small.

  15. Can’t please everyone. I’ll even leave the comment up here because I don’t care.

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