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OK Bears fans, at least it has been announced that the Bears will be players for Jay Cutler after the Broncos announced they will indeed trade the disgruntled signal-caller.

It shocks me a little, I really expected the standard “we’re the Bears, we like our own players, we have Kyle Orton so why would we look at any other quarterback, we don’t make major trades,” etc.  So at least we have this going for us.

And obviously, the Broncos are going to hold out for maximum compensation for their Pro Bowl quarterback.  This is actually unprecedented, a Pro Bowl quarterback entering his prime being on the block.  Question to you fans: do you really think the Bears will be able to land Cutler?

For once I don’t think it will be of the Bears’ doing, but I just don’t think they’re going to be able to get it done, not with the moronic-spending Washington Redskins and Dan Snyder expected to be major players.

Surprised I didn’t think of this before, but for the first time since the Hershel Walker trade, a situation is being compared to the Hershel Walker trade.  As a refresher, in 1989 the Minnesota Vikings traded a large part of their 1990 and 1991 drafts, and some picks in 1992, to the Dallas Cowboys for Walker.  How did that work out?  Walker played 2.5 unremarkable years in Minneapolis while the Cowboys built a dynasty with the picks.

If the Redskins decide to trade 3 first rounders, two seconds and two thirds, gutting their ability to put any talent around their quarterback, would any of you out there want the Bears to beat that deal?

I actually don’t think I would.  What do you think?

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  1. Roy, good post. But I’m not sure if any team involved is going to go as far as giving up 3 first round picks – I’m just guessing, but I think 2 1st rounders plus a combination of other round picks and additional players is what is going to be in play. Denver’s immediate player needs (defense) and what other teams effectively match up to that will be a factor. I’m hopeful Angelo for once can be creative enough to get something like this done. But realistically, unfortunately I’d put the Bears’ chances at 50/50 at best.

    Here’s the thing – yes, by giving up high picks, you forfeit the opportunity to draft high in the next few years. But generally speaking, with a few exceptions, the Bears have had very little success with high picks in Angelo’s tenture, but they have had some success with later round picks. So getting what you need to replace what’s necessary is still certainly possible without those picks being first rounders. Although they have obviously done next to nothing in FA this offseason, that route is also another way to get what you need, and if they are lucky enough to land Cutler, they will have to go that route hard in the next few years. It’s not going to all happen overnight, but it can be done.

    I firmly believe Cutler is a solid QB you can build around. Forget all the character assassination going on, the focus in his career record, etc. – the guy has obvious talent and upside and someone’s going to land him and be set for 8-10 years. I would also be surprised if he goes to an AFC team, which limits options. As much as I criticize Angelo for all of his blunders, I will not rip him to shreds if he gets Cutler and Cutler fails. You must take a chance on this if it can be done.

    Yes, Washington and Snyder are something to worry about. But Jason Campbell is a QB I don’t think Denver would do back flips over like everyone seems to think. Neither would Orton, obviously. A good point was made in something I saw today, that despite Cleveland having maybe the best cards to deal with in Quinn and others to maybe offer, there is little chance a guy like Cutler could co-exist with Mangini after seeing how the mess with Favre played out last year, with both Favre and Cutler represented by Cook.

  2. Heck no, that’s way too much to give up. WAY too much, almost unfathomable. Cutler is a great talent, but cripes…might as well just pack the franchise up for a decade and come back in 2019 with a whole new roster.

    The thing is, we have no idea what the offers are until more details come out, right? I think Orton is a decent QB and that’s all the Bears need…whether he can live up to being “decent” remains to be seen, he certainly wasn’t after his injury last year.

  3. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA on April 2nd, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I wouldn’t trade the future for Cutler. If a modest deal can be made then great. if not forget it. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA. Denver doesn’t have much leverage here. The guy is gone. Major misstep by the new Denver coach. too young for the job I think.

  4. I just made a website to give a little credit to Orton before we throw him under the bus – this is not intended to say Orton is better than Cutler, just that the asking price is way too high when you take everything into consideration:

    Feel free to leave some comments on our petition!

  5. @Derek:

    Well there’s $10 down the drain! Maybe you can sell it to someone in Denver? :)

  6. all of this talk of “no team for a decade” if this doesn’t work out. guys, he is a proven QB. we gave up two draft picks and orton for him. i liked orton, but what do we not have that the superbowl winning teams don’t have? a QB! brady, montana, aikman, young, even rothisberger!! i am not happy with decent, i want to win and you should to. its proven ( with very fex exception ) that to win you need a big time QB. embrace this move as you should see that the bears are trying to be big time NFC players now. i think that they are.

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