Chicago Bears in Trouble

The Chicago Bears PR staff is busy these days.? Sunday, a story was written in the Chicago Tribune, detailing how Tommie Harris rear-ended another vehicle while spitting out his dip, then never made good on the other driver’s deductible.? I can’t quite figure out why the Bears and their lawyer rushed to defend Harris…if I hit another car and don’t make good on my obligations, my employer won’t get involved.

Now this morning we find out that Lance Briggs’ Lamborghini was found crashed and abandoned on an expressway at 3:45 a.m.? The Bears should have a good time explaining this one.? Maybe Bear fans will be without Briggs after all?

You know, I’m just a moron and all, but every time this occurs (and of course it does seem to occur frequently…millionaires getting in trouble with their vehicles) I wonder, wouldn’t $7.5 million be enough to hire transportation before a night of drinking?? I guess it’s just me, who’ll never understand what it must be like to be in posession of $7.5 million.

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