Chicago Bears in London

Little late on this as usual, but today I finally got to uploading some Chicago Bears fan photos from London to the Chicago Bears Facebook Group.  Thanks Stuart and Bill for contributing them.  Please someone let me know if I forgot anyone that sent me something!

Here are Stuart’s comments on his experience.  Thanks for sharing!

Quite simply I can’t quite believe I have seen Da Bears! Ok, so it wasn’t a real Bears and NFL experience – you couldn’t call the tailgate party a real tailgate, and the crowd at the game was pretty confused at times, not knowing when to make noise or not and seeming to find it hard to know which team to back, but hey, I don’t care! I saw Da Bears and they won. I didn’t quite get everything from my wish list – Hester didn’t score a kick return TD, but Forte was on fire (he should be signed to a new contract as soon as possible), Cutler looked pretty good and certainly showed himself to be a good leader, and the D was ok. I can’t believe the speed and strength of Peppers, and Urlacher and Briggs were everywhere! And then there was the bonus of seeing Otis Wilson and Richard Dent and hearing them talk about their playing days, and standing next to the Superbowl XX Vince Lombardi trophy. Oh, and how could I forget the wonder that is Staley the Bear – he is hilarious. At one point in the match he was dressed as a London policeman, poking fun at the security men around the field and chasing the Buc’s mascot!
I said on Twitter as I left the stadium, it was amazing to see Da Bears and one day I will see them again, only it will be in Chicago. I turn 40 next year, so you never know, it could be a wonderful birthday present!

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  1. little different than the states. Ronald H. Witt Illinois

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