Chicago Bears Headlines 11-19-08

Some 4 a.m. Bears headlines…

Rick Morrissey says the blame lies with Lovie.  Um, yeah.

But in another Chicago Tribune article, they point out that the schedule is on the Bears’ side through the rest of the season.  But my observation is, schedule doesn’t matter.  If they play like they did Sunday and how the pass defense has the last 6 weeks, they won’t beat anyone else.

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  1. You echo my sentiments exactly Roy.

  2. …and if they DO somehow make it to the playoffs, how the heck will they beat anyone? What a difference a week makes.

  3. If the Bears do make the playoffs, they won’t beat anyone. They’ll be the #6 seed in the playoffs and be matched against #3, which is currently Tampa or Arizona (They’re both 7-3). Arizona has an good passing attack, and Tampa..well they threw 67 times on us before without us sacking them, or getting much pressure at all, so why not again?

  4. Scott, you are wrong on the seed. If they make the playoffs, they are winning the division. They will not make the divison as a wild card. So, they will get the fourth seed or no seed.

  5. Oh yeah, my bad. I forgot that Division winners get one of the 4 top seeds. So that changes to..well they dont have to worry about Arizona, but as of right now they’d be facing Tampa.

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