Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day One

This is most certainly not 2004, when the Chicago Bears had deals in place with Thomas Jones and Jonathan Quinn before the sun rose on the first day of free agency. Not that any of us expected they would have any players signed by now, but it’s nice to dream.

Bernard Berrian is long gone, in our opinion. Viking owner Zygi Wilf has sent his private plane to California to pick up Berrian, and the receiver that has yet to total 1,000 yards or 10 touchdowns in a season will most likely become one of the highest-paid receivers in the game. Best of luck with that, Vikings. Might want to think about finding a quarterback while you’re at it, though.

Lance Briggs and Brendon Ayanbadejo aren’t gone yet, but they most likely will be before the weekend is over.

LT Flozell Adams resigned with Dallas on a huge deal hours before the market opened yesterday, so that assuages my fear of the Bears overpaying for an overrated lineman.

Surprise, according to some, the Bears will be players for running back Michael Turner after all. I don’t know if I agree with breaking the bank for a questionable backup that has been injured at times, with two holes in the offensive line, no starting receivers and a quarterback position that won’t shake out until 2010 at the earliest.

The Bears have scheduled one free agent in for a visit, Falcons linebacker Demorrio Williams.

Updates here as they happen.

2 Responses to “Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day One”

  1. Geez, I guess Minn is where former Bear receivers (Robinson, Wade, and perhaps Berrian) go… Hopefully the Vikings break the bank for Berrian..and have nothing left for other holes.

  2. Ha, did anyone buy Berrian’s crock of crap saying his decision will partly be based on QBs? Vikings, Raiders, and Titans? Too funny. Thankfully, the Bears didn’t get Flozell Adams. For the love of God, can we draft quality OL already? No more short term gaps.

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