Chicago Bears Free Agency: Day Four

It’s currently day four of Free Agency in the NFL. While some teams have spent money like drunken sailors (no offense), the Chicago Bears look more like an elderly woman giving an offering at church. If those of us “normal” earners can think that spending $36 million on one player is frugal. Of course this defies the logical perspective that millions of us normal Americans possess, but not NFL logic.

This blog writer really can’t argue with the Bears’ approach. They’ve let teams overspend on the likes of RB Michael Turner, formerly-Chicago’s very own Bernard Berrian, and 31 year old Alan Faneca. Now that the drunken teams have shot their wallets, hopefully there will be more reasonable offers that will be accepted by a receiver and possibly a moderately-priced guard (Jake Scott, Max Starks, Pork Chop Womack).

Looking forward to that beginning of the second round of free agency, and hopefully the Bears will find some benefit.

Today in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mike Mulligan agrees that he likes how the Bears have handled free agency. That’s not the impression I got from him on the radio yesterday, but so be it.

Also today, Lance Briggs explains that he’s happy about the 6-year, $36 million contract he signed with the Bears. Virtually the same deal he rejected in 2007.

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