Chicago Bears Free Agency 2010

Not long after Bears CEO Ted Phillips announced the Bears would not go “hog wild” in the free agency period that opens Thursday at 11:01 p.m., Brad Biggs writes that the Bears actually may pursue upgrades at several positions, including free safety and defensive end.

At least it’s refreshing to not hear Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo say that Craig Steltz, Kevin Payne, or Danieal Manning are the answer at free safety.¬† Because they’re clearly not and never have been.

2 Responses to “Chicago Bears Free Agency 2010”

  1. It will be really fun to see who the Bears go after, sounds like they’re going to spend some cash. Hopefully it all works out.

  2. So Peppers,Taylor, and Manu are on board, who’s next, safety position is in dire need. did the Safety from the Jets been picked up, Rolle I thought his name was. We need more talent to make this thing work ; Safety, Offensive Lineman anything more would have to come after that.

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