Chicago Bears Draft 2011 Day Two Wrap

The Bears selected Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea in the second round following a trade with the Washington Redskins.  Chicago surrendered their fourth round pick to move up eight spots-I believe-to get Paea.  One of the print reporters wrote earlier in the day that the Bears would have taken Paea if they couldn’t land Carimi in the first round, so they were obviously high on him.  I’m a little confused as all reports have Paea more of a nose tackle, but he is reported to have a great burst, required for Lovie Smith’s signature three technique position.  I just hope Paea turns out to be more Tank Johnson and less Dan Bazuin.

In the third round, the Bears selected Cal safety Chris Conte.

Apparently Commissioner Roger Goodell recommended that the Bears compensate the Ravens for the Bears’ organization’s gaffe on the first-round trade.  And according to, the Bears said no way.  So as I feared, the result may be other teams in the league being leery of dealing with the Bears in the future.  Great.

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