Chicago Bears Draft 2010

The Bears’ 2010 draft is wrapped, and although two of the analysts I saw briefly on NFL Network gave Chicago a C, I am pleased with who they came away with.  Here’s my analysis and I’d like to hear yours, of course.

- Major Wright, S, Florida (3):  Seemed like the best pick for where they were at.  Looks like the Packers may have stolen the Bears’ real target in Morgan Burnett when they traded ahead, but Burnett is listed as a strong safety and the Bears’ need was at free safety.  Then again, CBS Sportsline wrote before the draft that Wright will be a better pro at strong safety due to his lack of coverage skills.  Hell, he has to be better than Danieal Manning.

- Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern (4):  As I drove to the Bears Expo, the entire time during the 10 picks before the Bears’ 4th selection, Hub Arkush ranted that the Bears had better take Wootton if he were available.  He was, and the Bears snatched the best player available.  Apparently Wootton would have been a top-10 pick had he not torn up his knee following the 2008 season.  The Bears hope his knee will be fully recovered in 2010.  Sounds good to me.

- Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State (5):  Frankly I know nothing about Moore, other than he’s 5′ 11″ and not 5′ 8″ like the other cornerback Moore the Bears drafted in 2009 (DJ), who couldn’t make the field his rookie season.

- Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan (6):  I love the pick, despite some negative I’m already seeing about people thinking the Bears should have gone for another position in the 6th round.  Hey, it’s the 6th round, LeFevour accounted for more touchdowns than any quarterback in NCAA history, and the Bears have no one valuable in the pipeline (sorry Caleb Hanie).  I’m very intrigued by the pick.  LeFevour was roundly expected to go in the 3rd round, so that’s great value to me in the 6th.  And he’s a local guy.  I missed covering him at Benet Academy in Naperville by just two years.  Let’s sign a veteran behind Jay Cutler and groom LeFevour.  And I’m looking forward to seeing him play in the preseason.

-J’Marcus Webb, T, West Texas A&M (7):  I had heard the Bears were very high on Webb (via Kaplan and Mitchell in the Chicago Tribune, nice work).  Great size and promise, but won’t contribute anything in the near term.

Your thoughts?  Thoughts on the NFC North rival’s drafts?

I didn’t think I would be excited for the Bears’ chances this year, but I have to admit, I am.

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    A link to Corey Wootton on youtube. He looks to me like he has a serious spin move ala Dwight Freeney. Also, on one play he picks up a guy on an end around and drops him to the ground with one arm (about 1:36 in to the clip).

  2. Also, I don’t like that the Lions are starting to look really good in the drafting department. Delmas and Stafford last year, Suh and Best this year, they are all people I wish were Bears.

  3. This was a good draft but I do believe we missed out on opportunities to get better players by refusing to trade up. I know our draft picks were limited but we have players on our roster that could have been used to makes trades, yet we did nothing. Wooten is a flat out steal in the fourth round. Wright wasn’t that impressive this season but some players are better pros that collegiate athletes. We all will just have to wait a few years to see how things play themselves out.

  4. The truth is, Tillman and Briggs are the only two players on the Bears roster worth their weight in gold. The Bears should have or should trade a few of their fading stars (Urlacher and Hester) for one or two quality young players; instead of trading quality young players (Olsen) for chance! Bears fans are loyal, I know I’ve been one my whole life, but we need to thank some of these old stars and say goodbye or we’ll never be able to compete against teams that are constantly updated with current contenders and not living in the past off names to sell tickets.

  5. Jerk

  6. Sorry..a friend of mine posted my previous comment. Thats what I get for leaving this page open and leaving the room.

    To comment on the draft quickly…I’m not that impressed with it, but will do with it. Perhaps the Bears can mold this QB well and assuming Cutler turns out and performs we can trade this guy for draft picks like the Packers did with Brunell and Hasselbeck when Favre was there.

  7. I’m being optimistic, I have the same feelings as you Roy. Let’s ruin the Cowboys chance at being the first real home team at the Super Bowl.

  8. I don’t know who wrote this but I like its even-handedness. There’s too much screaming coming out of self-appointed football geniouses out there when, in fact, we really don’t know how these guys will pan out. Like the author, I see no reason for gloom by any means. Let’s see how things look in the preseason and early regular season. Though nothing’s guaranteed, there could be some pleasant surprises from this draft.

  9. I do hope Wootton does not pull a Tommy Harris on us (the guy had a “torn ACL, MCL and meniscus in his right knee”) and I do hope Wright is not the next Steltz. Nice beefing up the defense, the O-line can’t get worse, can it?

  10. RE/Truth ; Disagree w/you . It was obvious last year w/Urlacher out that Briggs can not be a leader/caller on the field . Urlacher makes him and everyone else around a better player. Martz O’ might be more fitting to DH at WR – give it a chance man.

    RE/Scott; I like the QB pick as well and the depth it can give . A showcase in the Preseason might be worthy of a future 2-3rd future pick or better .

    RE / sven ; Harris was a 1st round pick – thats like apples to oranges . Wooten was a great pickup . Even if he learns a little bit from Peppers , I’m lookin’ at a sack happy D’ !!On Major; Much needed and should give a boost to the DB. Hopefully Tillman does not try to teach him the strip before the hit , since that has depleted the Bears DB’s the last several years . I hope your reading this Charles !! Tired of seeing first man up tryin’ the strip first dude !! Legs ….Legs…Legs !!

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