Chicago Bears Draft 2009 Day 1

Or lack thereof, I should say.  Day one of the Bears’ 2009 draft was one good for this Bears fan.  10 years ago, I’d be in the chair watching every pick.  But now with family obligations and back-breaking yard work to do, it was nice to know I wouldn’t miss any Bears picks while I was working.  I didn’t miss my Cubs get slaughtered by the Cardinals, however, unfortunately.

I was prepared when the 49th pick was on the board, hoping the Bears would select WR Mohamed Massaquoi.  With two minutes left on the clock for their pick, the Bears traded it to Seattle for the Seahags’ third and fourth round selections.

I’ve already seen a comment on this site (thanks James) that expresses frustration with the Bears trading down.  James makes a good point that the Bears need a receiver, and receivers are flying off the board.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it, as much as I would have liked to see Massaquoi on the Bears.  I have to trust that Jerry Angelo and staff know there will be players in the third and fourth rounds that will help the team.  And without their first and third-round picks this year, it’s nice to see that they will be able to draft additional bodies with so many needs at receiver, offensive line, defensive line and the secondary.

As of this writing, Alabama safety Rashad Johnson is still on the board.  Let’s hope he’s still there when the fourth pick of the third round comes along tomorrow.  Johnson reminds me a lot of Mike Brown, despite the lack of size, and I hope he’ll be a Bear tomorrow.

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