Chicago Bears Defensive Rankings

The reality is, it’s much easier to find things to write about a team with problems than a 4-1 club coming off a dominating win. I’m not complaining!

Going into bye weekend, figured I’d post a heartwarming stat. Reason being, it has been 2006 since the Chicago Bears defense has been in this territory. And also, Lovie Smith’s defenses are not known to dominate statistically, because his base defense will give up yards by design. So these numbers are downright exciting. Bears defense overall NFL ranking:

Rushing Defense: 2
Passing Defense: 14
Total Yards: 5
Scoring allowed: 3
Sacks: 1
Interceptions: 1

Pretty nice.

The Bears may not be playing this weekend, but it would be great to see Green Bay and Minnesota lose, would it not?

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  1. I would venture to guess they are the #1 scoring defense as well – that is, in terms of the DEFENSE actually scoring touchdowns – ? I think that is the most exciting stat thus far.

  2. It’s been so much fun so far this year watching the D play so well. THe improvements made in the pass rush have made a big difference.

  3. This does feel fantastic, but let’s remember the Bears have only beaten one good team, the Cowboys (not even sure if they count as a good team).

    The combined record of the opponents the Bears beat is 8 – 13.

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