Chicago Bears Best of the Decade

I almost fell off my seat laughing.  Perusing the most recent issue of ESPN the Magazine, there is a small blurb listing the player that led each significant statistical category in the decade 2000-2009.  While reading the first few names, I said to myself “well I know there are no Bears on this list.”

I was wrong.  After reading the leaders for passing yards (Peyton Manning), rushing yards (LaDanian Tomlinson), etc. etc. my eyes stopped on:

Punts: Brad Maynard 874

So there you have it.  The Chicago Bears led the NFL in the first decade of the new millenium in the number of punts they produced.

Why didn’t I expect that?

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  1. Wait… Wait…

    He also played for the 2000 NY Giants!

  2. Right, but the Super Bowl Giants of 2000 probably didn’t approach his average number of punts per year with the Bears, I wouldn’t think.

  3. Wow, not a stat to be proud of. No wonder he’s so good. Nobody else gets the game time experience he does. Can you imagine how things would have gone if Maynard wasn’t booting the rock?

  4. At the 2006 NFC Championship, I called Maynard the MVP of that game. When the momentum had clearly shifted to the Saints, Maynard pinned them at the 1-yard line, and shortly thereafter Brees was called for intentional grounding in the end zone, a safety, and the Bears owned it from there on. I still think that was the play of the game. I can remember a few awful shanks from Maynard over the last 10 seasons, but I’d say 99% of the time I’m thankful we’ve had him. I still can’t believe he’s never made a Pro Bowl for the Bears. That doesn’t make sense.

  5. Most punters don’t spend that many years on one team like Maynard has. That is most likely why he leads the decade in punts for the Bears.

    That being said, Maynard also holds the Super Bowl record for most punts in the big game with the Giants in 2000.

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