Chicago Bears Ballboy-Fast!

I’ll probably slow down on the posts this week due to the forthcoming bye: need to catch up on the  important things in life.

I know we’re late to the party on this one, but Bears ballboy Darryl MaGee apparently is faster than many Lions special teamers.  Watch to the end of this short video:

4 Responses to “Chicago Bears Ballboy-Fast!”

  1. Not too many people have mentioned this but Johnny Knox actually released that ball before he crossed the goalline. Similar to DeSean Jackson last season, Knox did the same thing, but the ref signaled the TD and Det didnt seem to notice.

  2. Let’s sign the ballboy!!

  3. @Scott – I read that on PFT as well, but haven’t seen any closeups of that play, to me it looks like he got into the end zone before he released the ball.

  4. Sign the ballboy even if his hands are trash.
    Willie Gault was a track star who occasionally could catch a pass.
    He made defenses respect the deep ball which opened up runs for Walter “Sweetness” Payton (May God rest his soul).

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