Chicago Bears Actually Thank the Fans

I’ve been critical of the Bears organization when I think criticism is in order.  I have always thought that any time they praise the fans that it has been condescending.  We know that they know that they have us all by the short hairs and can raise prices on us, and we’ll keep coming back like lemmings.  When being a fan is in one’s blood from birth, face it, we are lemmings.

One of the many examples of the problems I have had with the organization happened in 2000, when I wrote an essay and was selected as the Visa Hall of Fans winner for the Bears that year.  I was thankful when I was trotted out on the field and given a plaque, but after the event, it was like “here’s your plaque, now get the hell out of here.”  I had to bug staffers incessantly to get me a simple photo that was taken on the field, and after seeing other teams truly celebrate how much their fans mean to their teams, I was disappointed in what the Bears did.

Yesterday I received an email from the Bears, asking me to watch this video thanking Chicago Bears season ticket holders for their support in 2009.  So I watched it, and what do you know, I love it.  I really like the moments they showed, and it made me think of how proud I am to have been there at the Packer game in 3 degree weather, the coldest home game in Bears history.  That game was a blast, and it’s nice to see the Bears acknowledge the people that wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

It’s a whole other subject that the Bears squandered the playoffs the following week by losing at Houston.  Enjoy the video anyway.

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