Chicago Bears-2008 Preseason Game 3

Several quick thoughts on the Chicago Bears’ 37-30 preseason loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

One of my faithful readers that posts comments (please remind me which one you were…) noted that last year the Bears were 3-0 in the preseason, which had no bearing on the regular season.  So let’s hope this 0-3 start is not indicative of the 2008 season.  If only that were the case.

As Brian Urlacher told Pam Oliver, he is disgusted with the defense’s performance.  And he should be, they looked horrible.  Like they didn’t want to be there tuning up for the season.  Aside from some nice goal line stops and spirited play from Dusty Dvoracek…

Kyle Orton to Rashied Davis…wow.  2 touchdown passes, almost 3.  Good for them.  Why am I not confident in the offense?  At least the line did look better than last week.  And nice run by Kevin Jones.

Speaking of Pam Oliver, she asked Kyle Orton “what will it take for the Bears’ quarterback position to regain some of its luster?”  Pam?  Luster?  Hasn’t the luster of Sid Luckman, who last played in 1950 and was the last true Chicago Bears franchise quarterback, dulled a little by now?

Troy Aikman commented on Jimmy Johnson: “When Jimmy knew he blew a high draft pick, he admitted his mistake and moved on.”  So, what will Jerry Angelo do with Dan Bazuin, Michael Okwo and Mark Bradley?  It kills me to think of the three offensive linemen Angelo passed for those guys.

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  1. Wow, that game amazed me. The exact opposite of what I thought would happen. Every time I saw Dvoracek make a tackle I cringed, thinking he wouldn’t get up, but he did, every time. Monster plays on the goalline, but dissapointing defensive effort. The first drive it seemed as if Tillman was the only one who could make a tackle. Good thing it is just the preseason. We will see a better effort come September 7th. Our offense looked good. I can’t believe I can say that.

  2. That would be me. Does anyone remember John Clayton’s training camp report on how the Bears offense looked the best in the league? Or, how in the third preseason game, the offense put up 31 points, and Grossman threw for 211 yards in the first half. We know how the season turned out. Now, look at yesterday. The offense gets it togther, Orton could’ve ordered a pizza in the pocket and still complete passes, and the defense was beyond horrible. I will say this, it’s more refreshing talking abuot something else than the Bears offense today, isn’t it? To me, the defense crapping out is a good thing. They finally realize they are overrating themselves, and will actually work harder in practice at the important things, you know, like tackling.

  3. When Urlacher over-ran Frank Gore, I almost s*** myself. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Like I said, Tillman did well on the first drive, then he checked out for the rest of his playing time. Mike Brown, I have been defending you for so damn long. Please when the season starts do not let people get behind you like that. Anthony Adams and Alex Brown were letting holes open up around them so big a yacht could have sailed through untouched. Turn that money we payed you into some freaking 3 and outs defense. Still preseason, I know. I know.

  4. Thanks for reminding me JDM!

  5. @jdm – I think of Clayton’s comment all the time from last year. He said the most impressive thing he saw all of training camp was the Chicago Bears offense – ha! Oh and Roy – I was thinking the same thing when Pam Oliver brought up the luster of the QB position on the Bears – what the heck was she talking about?!!? Oh and I know personality may not make a quarterback, but Kyle Orton is one dry SOB, ‘eh?

  6. Don’t mock “The Neckbeard”! I love the fact that Mike Brown got pissed at the defensive performance last week. He was like the only one that seemed to realize that this team needs to start playing with some freaking intensity. I hate the way Lovie doesn’t ever get pissed! It’s a man’s game. You are supposed to get pissed when things don’t go your way. I am not saying Dennis “Crown their Ass” Green mad, but at least act like you care that you just payed your defense a boat load of money and they blow.

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