Chicago Bears 2-2

Parking lot for 8 hours.  Hell of a game.  Home at 1 a.m.  Asleep at 2.  Up for work at 5.  Exhausted. No update today, other than to say what a game.  I was afraid Orton played for the Eagles in the third quarter, other than that, a solid performance.  Would be nice to see Babich’s boys stop the opposing team somewhere in the 99 other yards before their end zone, but who’s complaining?

Here’s the Sun-Times game story.  What did you all think?

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  1. Stats that mattered:
    One penalty for 5 yards. (Thank God for off-setting penalties Tillman.)
    Four sacks. (Way to get to that quarterback.)
    Four sacks. (Also, the number of times Orton’s face hit the grass.)

    Happy Monday. Bring on the Lions. The first bad team we get to face. I can’t wait.

  2. Sorry, the Bears only got him three times. I thought it was more. Maybe if I hadn’t been watching the game from the bottom of a Budweiser.

  3. Great game! I was astonished by not only the aggressive offensive playcalling in the first half, but the execution of the plays as well. We can definitely hang with any team in the league WHEN WE EXECUTE AND AVOID PENALTIES. Aside from the sacks that we gave up, I thought our O-line played great. Forte is a beast. He runs hard, catches the ball, and blocks! I am so happy that Orton got his chance this year. He is a leader and makes good decisions. His two picks were not even his fault – the first was a timing throw, and Booker got bumped off his route in the end zone, and the second was a tipped pass that happened to fall right to a defender. The one fumble was on Kyle, but I think the other was on Jones. It truly looked like he thought they were faking to him and running the reverse (mental lapse). I liked the way he ran the few times that he did touch the ball. The offense has to play more consistently and avoid turning the ball over, but we are definitely making progress. The defense came up big when it had to. That goal-line stand was unbelievable! It seems like it has been years since we have done that. Hopefully we can continue to improve and go to Detroit and destroy the Lions. When is Hester going to get his first return TD this year? He is due…overdue…

  4. Hey somebody else being positive. Harry, I like you already. Where are all the half-assed Bears fans today? Oh, all of a sudden we beat an NFC power house and the smack talking stops. Yes, we have flaws. Yes, Lovie set up this team to have to grind out wins, but he also set it up to be able to compete with any team in this league. Expect alot of close games this year. Go Bears!
    P.S.- Kevin Payne is slowly becoming one of my favorite players to watch.

  5. I’m just happy Hester is getting snaps on offense and we’re getting some use out of him. Who knows, our offense might progress this year instead of going downhill like in 06.

  6. The offensive and defensive both have dull lack luster moments, than all of a sudden shine.
    The team has to rely on the offensive winning some games.
    Every one was truly impressed with the goal line stand against the Eagles, but if the defense was any good they wouldn’t allow a team to drive 99 yards.
    Go Bears Go

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