Chargers at Bears Preseason 2013

I saw a lot of positives in Thursday night’s preseason game against San Diego, which the Bears won 33-28. I also saw a lot of negatives. So to me, it seemed as if there was a negative for every positive. It is preseason, but we’ll have to hope things will get cleaned up with just two more rehearsals to go before real games start.

Offensive Line: I’m no scout or expert evaluator of offensive line play, and it’s hard to really see what’s happening on the line without 11 on 11 tape and the ability to review plays. But what I saw of the rookie right side of the line looked pretty good for Kyle Long and Jordan Mills’ first start. I and the commentators saw some impressive dominance by Long in particular. But Jay Cutler was sacked on two of the first three plays of the game. To my eye, I didn’t see any mental/physical embarrassments from Mills that we’re used to seeing from J’Marcus Webb. Time will tell how the four new members of the line will gel.

Question-After the not-so-dearly departed Gabe Carimi moved to guard last season, we heard that Carimi’s 6’7″, 320 pound frame was not suited to playing inside. Yet all we hear is how dominating Long can be at the position because he’s 6’6″ and 330. I’m confused, is it just me? I do know that Long seems to push defenders AWAY from the ballcarrier rather than being pushed back into them as Carimi seemed to be. This is a good thing.

Quarterback-I don’t think Cutler made any big throws in his quarter of work, and as a matter of fact I couldn’t believe he completely locked on to Brandon Marshall as he did on the touchdown pass. And he underthrew another dumb interception into double coverage. And held on to the ball too long in several situations. I have always been a huge Cutler fan and I have faith he’s going to be what he can be in 2013. I hope we start seeing it.

Defense-Awesome three sacks by Corey Wootton, Shea McClellin and Nate Collins. Huge stick by rookie MLB Jon Bostic. But then on several plays Bostic was out of position. Does anyone think 2012 third-round safety Brandon Hardin has any shot at making the team? To me it will be a disappointment if he doesn’t, but I haven’t seen anything from him.

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