Cedric Benson, Still Cedric Benson

In case you haven’t received your daily dose of comedy today, read this article that Brett kindly pointed us to today.  Thanks Brett.

From Cincinnati, one of the armpits of the NFL, Cedric Benson says he’d have “at least 1,500, probably 1,800 yards by now” if he was still in Chicago.

Please stay out of Chicago, Cedric.  Glad you’re not here.

3 Responses to “Cedric Benson, Still Cedric Benson”

  1. Your right that was pretty funny.

  2. Hope there aren’t any drug test coming around in Cincinnati anytime soon….. This is the same guy who went out of the game on the first contact he encounter during the Super Bowl….. Glad he was ok never the less but I’ll take my chances on Matt Forte….

  3. Here’s the good news for Cedric: Now that he’s collecting a paycheck in Ohio (at least for now), that puts him in close proximity to the garage door company that Curtis Enis was working at on the third shift in recent years. Once the Cincy experiment is over, maybe a loser like Cedric will still be able to catch on there cleaning the toilets and urinals if he’s already blown through too much of the $14 million he collected for doing nothing. Or maybe he could be the personal assistant to Thomas Jones. Just a couple ideas. Thanks for your insight, Cedric. You’ve proven yet again that you are a classless, clueless loser. It will be fun watching your NFL “career” go down the can with the Bungles.

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