Calling Plays

In his article about quarterbacks calling their own plays, David Haugh seems to be catering to the very small percentage of Bear fans that think since Brian Griese called most of the plays on the 97 yard game winning drive, he should just call all his own plays all the time.

I give a little more credit to the vast, vast majority of educated fans who know that handing over full playcalling duties to the quarterback is no solution to any problem. It just doesn’t work, and it just doesn’t happen in the modern NFL.

Oh, and Jay Mariotti has a problem with Brian Urlacher’s behavior. Big surprise.

3 Responses to “Calling Plays”

  1. A word of advice, don’t read the Moron, aka Marriotti. The day he writes/says something intelligent is the day Cade McNown becomes a HOF. The only reason why he still has a job is because people keep reading his drivel, hence, paying his salary. Why doesn’t the moron like Urlacher? Did Brian say something mean to him? Awwww, too bad.

  2. I know, I realized I’m only giving him credibility by linking to his stories.

  3. It is real pleasure to read you blog!

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