Buddy Benson Continues to Jaw

Of course now that Cedric Benson is the league’s third-leading rusher, he finds the time appropriate to continue to spout off on his unfair treatment, how his problems in Chicago weren’t his fault, and that he blythely has “no idea” what went wrong.

Indeed the title of this article is that Benson believes the Bears tried to blackball him.

Don’t take my word for it that Benson stopped caring to play football when he became the starter in Chicago in 2007.  Boers and Bernstein on 670 the Score spoke at length on the subject yesterday and echoed my sentiments.

Looking forward to moving past this Sunday, when we won’t have to talk about Cedric again while he eventually runs his way out of Cincinnati as he did in Chicago.


3 Responses to “Buddy Benson Continues to Jaw”

  1. Hadn’t checked the blog in a few days, but see I hit a nerve with Frank, our good Bengals buddy and Cedric lover. Hey man, if what I said got to you that much, you clearly can’t handle the truth and need to chill out. Roy, thanks for the follow up on my behalf, but no need to rationalize what I said.

    In seeing today’s Benson news, it’s clear that I was too easy on that moron. He never got it while he was here, and clearly still doesn’t get it now. If anyone’s really bitter, it’s him in terms of how he feels about the Bears, and anyone who lived through Benson’s pathetic pit stop here knows all of his BS antics were cancerous to the team, and he was the problem, not he other way around. He was given every chance to succeed here, and didn’t put forth any kind of effort. He was lazy, despised by his teammates and fans, and rightly so. Period, end of story.

    Did not hear the B&B stuff, but Mulligan confirmed the same in not so many words this morning. All of this is not breaking news. Benson is trying to spin the story his way while he has the media’s ear. I have no reason to wish Benson any kind of good fortune, nor would I think most Bears fans would. Let’s hope the D comes ready to play Sunday and takes Cedric to school.

  2. Cedric Benson sucks as a human being. Turd is right!

  3. Just saw that Pisa is out for the year. Man, that sucks! Before the season started, I felt we had the best and deepest linebacking corps in the league (may have even commented that on here, don’t remember). Thank God we did. Reminds me of our secondary situation the last few years, with people getting hurt and shuffled around and a different starting line-up each game. I hope our defense comes ready to play on Sunday. We need a good team effort and we need to get some hits/sacks on Palmer. I know it’s early in the season, but I truly think this is a must-win game to keep up with the Pack, the Vikes, and even the NFC Wild Card.

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