Brown, Hester in the News

Couple of Bears articles from the Chicago Tribune during this mini-lull preceding the NFL draft.

Brad Biggs writes that the seemingly foregone conclusion to trade or release Alex Brown really came down to Brown or Tommie Harris going.  It’s a shame: Harris has done virtually nothing following a $40 million contract extension he received in 2007, while Brown has been very, very solid if not spectacular.  As we all know, the Bears have been waiting for Harris to return to his form of 2004-2006 for three years now, and it may never happen.  And unfortunately the Bears will be giving up a fine example of a football player and a stand-up guy when they are forced to give up Brown.

Today, Dan Pompei writes a glowing article about Devin Hester that surprised me a bit. I have a lot of respect for Pompei, going back to 20 years ago when he covered the Bears for the Sun-Times in the late 80′s. The only non-glowing statement Pompei makes in the article is when he admits that Hester isn’t Larry Fitzgerald. (He’s not??) He does write that Hester can run every route a receiver has to and is perfect for every receiver position in Mike Martz’ offense. Personally, I think us Bear fan realists are a little more skeptical after watching Hester’s 3 years as a receiver, which have resulted in 757, 665, and 299 yards. I do hope Pompei is right about Hester, but I think the bubbling praise is a little premature.

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  1. I just don’t get this idea, though. Everything says you’re going to try to win this year. Why can’t you afford one year out of Alex Brown? Madness.

  2. Although, if they get a good OL from Seattle (don’t know about the guy), then it’s not so bad, I guess.

  3. I agree with you 100% Kenneth. I think the answer is, Lovie, Rod and company actually think Mark Anderson is the answer. Don’t us dumba*ses already know that he’s not? Someone else on here I believe already wrote that Alex Brown was much more than 6-8 sacks per year. He plays the run well and is often creating pressure even when he’s not getting a sack. So madness, agreed.

  4. This move is really upsetting. As you said, who is going to play the run now that the best player on the D-line is going? another position converted player like Idonije? I certainly hope so.
    Brown was at the very least insurance in that make or break year and one of my favorite players. Just ask M. Obama about the need for insurance.

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