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Wow you have echoed my sentiments exactly. 1st thing the Bears need to do in my opinion is fix the O-Line. I don’t care if you have Joe Montana and Walter Payton for your offense the key to a successful offense is a great O-Line. The Bears continously have as you are well aware signed 35 year old Offensive Lineman like Fred Miller and Rueben Brown. Hey Bears get some youth on the O-Line. Alan Faneca is probably too expensive. Go Bears.

By: Jason Svoboda Sun, 02 Mar 2008 17:16:35 +0000 I was pretty much in the same boat and it’s funny how it all has worked out. I like how Angelo decided to approach both Berrian and Briggs in terms of free agency.

Briggs worked out just how Angelo had hoped and I think he expected the same thing for Berrian. Unfortunately, the free agent class and week crop at wideout forced the market upwards and Berrian found a massive payday that he didn’t deserve in terms of production.

You win some, you lose some.