Briggs in Fold

Wow, in a surprisingly positive development, Saturday night Lance Briggs agreed to a reasonable six-year, $36 million contract to stay in Chicago. What a world we live in, how could I possibly say from the perspective of a middle class American that this is reasonable. But I’m sure readers get my point.

Funny, my opinion on Briggs has been all over the board:

2007 Offseason: Do NOT trade him to Washington, make him sit if that’s what he wants to do

2007 Season: Should have traded him to Washington and used the 7th pick on Adrian Peterson (now granted, I know that NEVER would have happened, but 20/20 hindsight is unavoidable sometimes.)

Now: Wow, that worked out perfectly, didn’t it?

I still think the Vikings are absolutely nuts for paying Bernard Berrian $42 million. Again, I will miss him and losing Berrian definitely hurts the Bears, but I’ll look forward to seeing how Viking fans react the first time he drops a catchable sure touchdown throw, or when shoulder/knee problems flare up for weeks on end.

I’d love to think the Bears might pursue the recently-released Javon Walker, but if Berrian is worth $42 million for God’s sake, what does the more accomplished Walker reel in?

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  1. I was pretty much in the same boat and it’s funny how it all has worked out. I like how Angelo decided to approach both Berrian and Briggs in terms of free agency.

    Briggs worked out just how Angelo had hoped and I think he expected the same thing for Berrian. Unfortunately, the free agent class and week crop at wideout forced the market upwards and Berrian found a massive payday that he didn’t deserve in terms of production.

    You win some, you lose some.

  2. Hey Roy,

    Wow you have echoed my sentiments exactly. 1st thing the Bears need to do in my opinion is fix the O-Line. I don’t care if you have Joe Montana and Walter Payton for your offense the key to a successful offense is a great O-Line. The Bears continously have as you are well aware signed 35 year old Offensive Lineman like Fred Miller and Rueben Brown. Hey Bears get some youth on the O-Line. Alan Faneca is probably too expensive. Go Bears.

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