Brian Urlacher to be No-Show

According to Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher will be a no-show at the Bears’ mandatory minicamp this weekend.

Snore. See you at training camp, Brian. At least this gave me something, anything to post today.

One Response to “Brian Urlacher to be No-Show”

  1. From Brad Biggs about Urlacher missing camp:

    “While the fine can total only $8,165, more than $5.7 million is potentially at stake if Urlacher boycotts minicamp. That represents the pro-rated portion remaining on the $13 million signing bonus he received with his nine-year, $56.65 million contract extension in 2003.”

    Sounds like the Bears have good ol’ 54 by the short n curlies. He should have just taken the 1yr extension.

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