Brian Griese an ex-Bear

In a surprising move, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded a 2009 draft pick, thought to be a sixth or seventh rounder, to the Chicago Bears for quarterback Brian Griese. It’s not surprising that the Bears offloaded Griese, just surprising that another team decided to trade for him, and assumed a fairly hefty contract to acquire his rights.

What a turnaround. Chicago’s signing of Griese in 2006 was lauded as the best move of that offseason, and one that was well overdue for the Bears. In 2004 and 2005, the Bears failed to secure an adequate veteran backup to oft-injured anointed starter Rex Grossman, and Grossman was severely injured in each of those seasons.

The Bears outbid the very Buccaneers for Griese’s services in ’06, signing him to a five-year contract worth close to $20 million. (Griese played in Tampa in 2004 and 2005, but was released following ’05 in a cost-cutting move). Then, of course, when they finally had a valid backup plan, Grossman was healthy enough, if not effective enough, to start 16 games.

The 2007 Chicago Bears season is well-documented. Grossman was benched after three bad performances, giving way to Griese. Griese put up big numbers and led the Bears to several victories, but his presence was not a catalyst for victory. It has also been rumored that something must have happened behind the scenes to drop Griese from favor with the coaching staff following his 97-yard drive to victory at Philadelphia.

This has worked out as best it could, with the Bears at least picking up a late-round pick for Griese instead of nothing. Just like Chris Chandler before him, Griese was probably the best quarterback the team could have signed to be a stop-gap starter. But he wasn’t the type of player to pull a season out of the garbage can, for which the Bears tried to utilize him in 2007.

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  1. I would like to think his four int game against DET had more to do with the falling out… I don’t doubt they weren’t happy with his helmet comments, but I think that sealed the deal more than anything.

  2. I second that notion. While Griese did lead key drives that led to wins in Green Bay and Philly, people would have to be honest and say that Griese was just as hot and cold as Grossman was. Between the two Detroit games Griese threw 7 Ints alone. As far as getting a 3rd string quarterback now, spending a mid round draft pick seems to be the best scenario.

  3. Idiots. Griese was the best QB we had. You want to know why Griese threw those interceptions? On defense and offense, the 2007 team was absolutely pathetic. Turner made Grise throw 40-50 times a game which is way more than any team, especially one that “gets off the bus running” should be throwing. He tried to win games on his arm alone; sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. You may also want to watch the footage on the first Detroit game and you’ll see Berrian was responsible for two interceptions. Rex was never made to throw as much as Griese was. Look it up.

  4. Hey Mike-My post wasn’t biased one way or another. I still think that Griese was a fantastic backup, who could fill in for a solid starter for a game or two, but wouldn’t want to rely on him to take my team to the playoffs. I like seeing everyone’s opinions, including yours, but I don’t think anyone is an idiot for having the opinion that they do.

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