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So it’s been widely reported today that the Green Bay Packers may be so backed into a corner that they would consider trading Brett Favre within the NFC North.

My opinion on it, which I have withheld until now? Hell yes I’d do it if I were in charge. OK-Favre haters-crucify me for my opinion, but all of us have one, like a couple other things.

You know why I’d do this?

  • The obvious: the Bears have not developed a quarterback since the early 1940′s and I don’t see another one in sight. I’m not counting the injury-riddled Jim McMahon’s career or Erik Kramer’s one-year wonder. Yes, McMahon did help guide the offense to a Super Bowl victory. He also only directed the offense for a majority of a season for three years (1983, 1985, 1987 by my count). Given that neither Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton are winning the starting quarterback battle in training camp, I think adding Favre along with a strong and healthy Bear defense and a hopefully improved running game could keep the Bears’ Super Bowl window open for 2 years. With the perpetually unsettled quarterback situation, it is closed.
  • Favre wants to go to the Vikings. I bet the Packers would do anything–including trading Favre to the Bears–to keep him from the Vikings. This means the Bears could play the Packers on this and get Favre for much less than the Packers would ask from Minnesota.
  • Taking Favre for 2 years from Green Bay would hurt both of our rivals-Minnesota ad Green Bay.

How could the Bears not consider this?

In conclusion, I still guarantee they won’t. In my opinion, Ted Thompson could call Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith and offer Favre for a sixth-round pick, even tell them Favre agreed to drop his salary by $10 million per season, and the Bears wouldn’t bite.

Why? Just as I said a few weeks ago. The Bears don’t think out of the box, and it’s always been more important to them to perpetually try to prove their plan is going to work than it is to win. And believe me, they’re perpetually trying to prove their plan is working, even though by far most of the time it does not.

Believe me, I also realize that what may very likely happen here is Favre goes to the Vikings, gets them into the playoffs, and throws 6 interceptions in the playoffs leading to an early Viking exit.

We shall see.

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  1. I’m with you on this Roy. You damn right I would take Favre and put him behind center without any hesitation. As you said, neither Grossman or Orton has distinguished themselves in the “competition” and that’s the way it’s gonna continue on. Just look at what’s being written in the newspapers, despite telling everyone that their both having great camps.

    It would be outstanding if the Bears made this deal, but as you alluded to, it’s not gonna happen. You know Angelo is dying for Grossman to win the “competition” for one since he’s been his pet project, and by trading for Favre Angelo would be making himself look bad after months of declaring that he feels good with the QBs on his roster. Butthen again, he did finally come out and admit that he made a mistake in his observation of Cedric Benson as a talent. It took some injuries and a couple of DUIs but he admitted to it.

  2. Amen, Jesse…

  3. Bill Wildhage on August 1st, 2008 at 6:39 am

    I am in agreement. I have said for a long time that I would love to have a Favre quality quarterback for just a couple of years. But I also believe that the Bears will pass on Favre AGAIN!. Afterall, to quote a number of different Bears coaches, owners and managers “the quarterback is just one position”. That is true but how come all the premier teams have premier quarterbacks?

  4. Guys,

    What you are saying is probably true. However, they can’t flat out say they are interested in Favre. Someone posted this on another board I post on. I have to agree with this.

    I don’t think Angelo wouldn’t trade for Favre. He can’t say, of course we want him on this team, we need him on this team.

    1. If he says anything it’s possible the Packers could file some sort of tampering charges. Who knows these days.

    2. If he says they need Favre, and they don’t get him, it would be bad for team moral.

    It’s the same thing with KW saying that there isn’t anything out there the Sox would like that would improve the team a couple of days ago.

    Besides, this nothing but a stupid “report” from a “source”. Those do nothing for me. I can spew crap from a “source” to see what sticks to get air time.

    Also, let’s not ignore other factors, like the left side of the OL and a running game that was dead last in 2007 in YPC. Also, the not so great receving core. No doubt, Favre is a huge improvement in the QB position, but as we saw in 2005 and most of 2006, when he has crap around him, he throws lots of INTs and not as effective.

  5. I agree, Brett Favre is not the answer. If the poster boy for the Green Bay Packers put a jersey on that had GSH on the sleeve, hell would automatically freeze over. I would immediately start leaking blood from my anus, as if I had in someway been violated. Yes, he is good, but was he great. The fact that he could play everyday for so long was by all means a great thing, but it is no coincidence that he has the record for career tds, yards, and completions. He has the most attempts. He also has the most interceptions. Brett Favre needs to take the deal with the Pack for the 20 million and stay retired. Our quarterback problem is our own. We created it. We failed to solve the problem in the offseason. Please do not let Brett Favre wear the beloved initials GSH.

  6. Jeeze, are you all nuts??!! The packers are talking to the Vikings about sending Favre their way…hell I don’t care if he was Richard Nixon, we need a #@$^&%$#@(*&^ friggin quarterback! Rex sucks, Orton sucks, all of the offense that could leave, left because Rex was named the QB. Yuo, Favre throws a lot of junk, but at least he has some drive and energy; Rex looks like my dead grandmother out there!
    We need to send Angelo to Iraq and get someone in there that will think straight about what the possibilities COULD be for da Bears if we had a decent QB! Hell we couldn’t do any worse. ( How about Garcia?)

  7. It’s hard to throw a ball when your offensive line can’t let you get to the end of a three step drop. (See Joey Harrington’s career) Also, it helps when your line breaks down, if you have a running back that can break loose to bring the pressure from blitzs down, which we also didn’t have last year. Rex Grossman has been a starter in this league for basically two years, and one of those years he took my beloved Bears to the Super Bowl. So, I am sorry if you and everyone in the media want to bash the man, but remember that it wouldn’t even be a story if Rex didn’t show flashes of brilliance from time to time. They would just label him as a s***** quarterback, a career backup and move on. Richard Nixon does not have Rex’s arm. Oh, and by the way, Angelo’s moves got us to a Super Bowl two years ago. Look how quickly fans forget. If we get to a Super Bowl every even year, I will take a 7-9 every odd year.

  8. I’m a believer in Rex too. For all the bonehead throws he’s made, he has made some unbelievable throws as well – some of the best I’ve seen in my 29 years on this planet. I get chills thinking about them sometimes, no joke.

    Oh and I’ll have you know Dick Nixon had an EXCELLENT arm, but he’s dead so again Rex wins!

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