Brad Maynard’s Departure

On the first day the NFL was allowed to conduct business, the Bears reportedly notified punter Brad Maynard that he would not be re-signed.  Thus ends a pretty storied 10-year veteran career.  My favorite sarcastic afternoon sports talk show hosts yesterday were mocking the sentiments being expressed by some over Maynard’s departure.  Say what you want, but Maynard really solidified a position that had been a shambles under Dave Wannstedt and during Dick Jauron’s two seasons.

Think it doesn’t matter a bit who the punter is?  I will never forget Maynard pinning the Saints with their backs to the end zone in the NFC Championship game.  Before that point, momentum had clearly swung to News Orleans’ side.  Following the perfect punt, Drew Brees committed a safety, and the rest of the game went to the Bears.  That was one of the key plays in that game to me.

So Brad Maynard, class act, I say you will be missed.

In other news, there were no huge splashes announced for the Bears yesterday, but they did sign 19 undrafted free agents to fill out their roster.  And they have interest in DE Jason Babin.

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  1. Butler has struggled for over a year to consistently perform at a level that made our special teams the best in the NFL. Best of luck to him and I hope the Bears can find an upgrade to replace him. Punting is an important phase of the game but its an undeniable fact that our O-line needs to dramatically improve from last years performance. The question is, who do the Bears make a power play for?

  2. Hate to see Maynard go. Definitely not the strongest leg, but one of the best directional/placement punters in the NFL.

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