Bowman: Cut to Starter, Let’s Hope

According to Brad Biggs in his blog, the Bears are eagerly awaiting cornerback Zackary Bowman to return to health so he can be in the starting lineup on September 13th in Green Bay.  Let’s hope he can finally stay healthy, as a knee injury in college dropped him in the draft, then another injury in 2008 knocked him out for the season after he played solidly in his one appearance.

I was amazed in September 2008 when the Bears released Bowman (only to retain him on the practice squad, then activate him later) because he was discussed as the steal of the draft.  And it appears he may still be, if he could only stay on the field.

I may be down for the next few days….but will be back later this week.  Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “Bowman: Cut to Starter, Let’s Hope”

  1. Too many ifs on this team, ESPECIALLY the defense. Funny how the Bears are counting on this guy that’s played one NFL game. Funny or scary?

  2. Scary. Our whole situation with our secondary is scary. If the D-line doesn’t show up (i.e. play like they did last year), we are gonna suck defensively. Marinelli needs to get them to play their a$$es off to help take some pressure off our defensive backfield. Here’s hoping…GO BEARS!

  3. I originally predicted the Bears would go 10-6 but the more I see from them, the worse I feel. I know preseason means nothing, so I’ll hold judgement until after the 3rd preseason game.

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