Book Back

I thought it was a joke when I saw a post by this subject on a Bears message board. Sometimes folks will post “Bears sign Randy Moss!” in an effort to attract attention. It’s the wonderful world of Internet communications, or what one in the “real media” liked to call the “not so brave world of blogging.” Whatever.

I digress. The post to which I’m referring stated that Marty Booker, former Chicago Bears receiver from 1999-2003, is back with the Bears. And he is back indeed.

I sound like I’m shocked very often these days, but this is a pleasant surprise to me. The Bears had expressed no public interest in Booker as far as I could tell, and to me with their receiver situation as it is, it was a no-brainer.

Welcome back #86.

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  1. Absolutely welcome back! I always liked Book! Hopefully even at 32 he’s still got quite a bit left in the tank. And be a possible mentor to Hester and Bradley.

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