Big Year for Manning, Eh?

Sun Times columnist Mike Mulligan writes today that 2009 may be a big year for Danieal Manning.  In fact, this is the year he could become a star, Mulligan says.

We’ve been waiting…and while we’ve been waiting we’ve seen crazy, maddening blown coverages that helped cost a Super Bowl victory in 2006 and a playoff berth in 2008.  I hope Mulligan is right.

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  1. How well Daneal Manning plays IS very important. I read the article in the Chicago Sun Times and I have to agree. I have always thought that if D. Manning could play with confidence he would be the star of the Bears secondary. An all-pro, if you will. He has the size, the strength, and the speed necessary to be a stud and that is why I did not feel that the Bears were “reaching” when they drafted him much higher than he was predicted to go 4 years ago. Maybe by sharing time as corner, nickel back, and safety he has learned all the intricacies of the Tampa-Two and he is ready to have that breakout year we have all been waiting for.
    Here is the problem. When do we get to see this? When will Manning make the leap? IT OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T HAPPEN AT HOUSTON LAST YEAR.I wrote an earlier post about the secondary and was accused of “believing the B.S.” and calling for a Bears Apocalypse.
    You can pick your cliche here but I will have to go with one my father always used.

    That being said. I have my Jay Cutler jersey being shipped from the Bears Store. I have faith that I am being way too hard on the secondary and I am a bit of a defeatist by nature. It is a new season and Packer week so I am optimistic that the Bears will prevail. (Being a Chicago sports fan has taught me to temper my excitement because my heart has been broken too many times. I call it the Bartman effect).
    I will not know if I have overreacted about the secondary issues until the first game is in the bag.
    I cannot wait to write an apology post to the secondary of the Chicago Bears when they hold Green Bay to 10 or less points.
    I cannot wait to write it. Can the Bears secondary do it?

  2. I hope so too, Mark. We shall see, so many questions.

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