Bears won’t raise prices in 2009

Amazing.  Just when I figured the Bears would ignore the economy that is causing jobs, salaries and prices to deflate everywhere and raise ticket prices for the eighth straight year, President Ted Phillips announced yesterday that ticket prices will not increase in 2009.

So I do owe the Bears some credit.  Thanks for not raising my prices for once, as very shortly my tickets (cheapest in Soldier Field I should mention) will soon cost twice as much as they did in 2001.

Of course the Bears couldn’t position the message positively.  It would have been nice to hear them say “in this extremely difficult time for families, we couldn’t think of putting any more burden on our fans.”  But he didn’t, of course.  Phillips said “Could we have raised prices and probably gotten pretty good response? We probably could have.”  Thanks for pointing out that we owe you one, Ted.

Little does he know that his organization is currently using my picture on their website as a fine example of what a Bears fan looks like:


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  1. Which one is you?

  2. The dope with his thumb up on the left.

  3. You should charge them royalties for using your picture on their website

  4. Not paying attention to the game. Tsk tsk. I can’t wait for mini camp to start.

  5. Me too.

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