Bears Win; Division Lead to Themselves

Well, they actually did it.  The Bears beat the Eagles 31-26 and now lead in the NFC North following Green Bay’s loss in Atlanta.  8-3 is wonderful, unbelievable really, but I’d sure like to have those two losses to Washington and Seattle back.

Are we still alive?  Is life going on today?  Because I could have sworn the media would have thought it more likely for the Earth to fall off its axis than Michael Vick to throw an interception and not tear the Bears up.  He did, and he didn’t, and it looks like life is going on today.  Don’t tell the writer for the Sun Times, who last week wrote that “Michael Vick has been perfect and is still getting better!”  Please.

Even Profootballtalk, those that have picked against the Bears virtually every week, is starting to believe.  They actually write today that it’s “past time to start taking the Bears seriously.”

Hey, I’m going to enjoy every second of this.  But this is far, far from being anything that is for sure.  For all the parity in the conference, even with an 8-3 record, it’s going to be a fight for a playoff spot.  Let alone a division championship or home playoff game.  The Patriots, Jets, Vikings and Packers games will be rough, and I don’t even want to look past Detroit, believe me.

But for today, I will enjoy, impressed by the Bears.

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  1. None of these remaining games will be easy (The Lions should be, but based on the way we play, and the way the Lions play, I doubt it).

    But any of these games are also winnable. The Jets have yet to convince me they can win a game against a good D like ours. They lost 9-0 to the Packers at home, so who’s to say we can’t beat them with our stingy D at our house?

    New England is beatable like the Eagles were. They have a good O and everything, but if our D can stop it, then we can beat them because New England’s defense is not that good this year. Of course Cutler needs another mistake free day though.

    And with a new coach and the team seemingly behind him, that game in Minnesota will be tough as all of our games in Minnesota are. We can only hope Favre keeps up with the mistakes and we take that game as we will have finished with a 6-0 record (assuming we beat Detroit) in the division and that will give us the division if we tie with Green Bay.

    That said, any of our final 5 games are winnable, just as they are losable. There’s not one game I can say without a doubt we’ll win, but same guys for saying theres not a game on there I’d say we lose.

  2. Actually, The upcoming game I worry about most, IS Detroit, I watched some of the Detroit/vs/New England game, and, (at least I believe) these are not the same Lions. It seems in most cases, when we play Detroit its been a tough game. Add in the spoiler mentallity, and playing the “underdog, no respect card” just as the Bears do, I think this could be a dangerous game, believe me I hope I’m wrong! Go Bears!

  3. On SI today:


    If The Playoffs Started Today: In; No. 2 seed
    Final Projected Record, Playoff Seeding: 10-6; No. 6 seed

    Extra Point: If the Vikings continue their turnaround, perhaps no team has a tougher final four games than the Bears. Losing three of four to finish, as we’re projecting, wouldn’t be great, momentum-wise, but would still be enough to sneak in.

    Have you ever seen the “experts” so schizophrenic? We have to take these Bears seriously, they’re the real deal… oh but they’ll lose 3 of 4. I bet this guy thinks they didn’t beat the “real” Eagles without Asante Samuel. I don’t need to tell you either that he has GB slated as running the table.

  4. Thanks Larry, yes, continually pathetic. I really think the team has thrived on the lack of respect, and I hope it continues.

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