Bears Training Camp Opens

We interrupt our top positional countdown to bring you for the first time in months, real Bears news.

First, I have posted on my favorite message board a question regarding Mike Mulligan’s contention that the Bears are virtually guaranteed a third-round compensatory draft pick if Lance Briggs walks following the 2007 season.? I don’t think it’s as cut-and-dried as Mulligan claims.? What do you think?? Follow my fellow educated fan’s thoughts.

Sun-Times article on Bears Training Camp opening.? Greg Couch’s article on Rex Grossman’s attitude. Mulligan writes about Lovie Smith and Alex Brown’s disgruntlement.? Here’s the Tribune on Jamar Williams’ close-but-no-cigar brush with the starting job.? Daily Herald on Bears Training Camp.? Official site on interesting Bears stories as camp opens.

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  1. I would like to bring a group of Senior Citizens out th
    Training Camp this year??

    Do you have a schedule!!!

    Linda Braun
    City of Country Club Hills

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