Bears Trade for Marshall, Pursue Mincey

Had to run errands after work and missed the first big news of 2012 NFL Free Agency break when the Bears acquired Miami wide receiver Brandon Marshall via trade.

The Bears will send two third-round picks to the Dolphins, who acquired Marshall for Denver in 2010 for two second-round picks. Finally the Bears are the team that gives up less to get a player another team gave more for.

It has not been announced which 2012 third-round pick will be sent for Marshall. The other third-rounder is in 2013.

Following the end of the 2011 season, Jay Cutler extolled the virtues of Marshall via Twitter. I thought it would never happen, but low and behold, with the addition of Marshall and quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, the Bears are putting the band (Denver 2006-2008) back together.

Think Phil Emery will try to tell us that Devin Hester is still a #1 wide receiver?

In other news, according to Profootballtalk, the Bears are in hot pursuit of Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey, thought to be the most unproven but up-and-coming pass rusher. So the Mario Williams talk may have been a smokescreen. Fine by me, the thought of Williams and Peppers was intoxicating, but I don’t think the team can tie up 20% of its cap at one position.

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  1. Right, now what’s the plan for Hester?

  2. Hey Sven! I hope the team gets another big receiver, potentially in the draft, then lets Hester focus on returns and maybe a once-in-a-while gadget player on offense. But we’ll see what they actually do.

  3. Roy, I agree 100% with LATIN EROTIC VACATIONS :D

  4. Me too Harry, I’ll take one of those, right? I do have the WordPress standard spam filter set up and updated, and believe it or not it gets about 80% of the garbage like that. Unfortunately each day when I log in I still find myself having to clean out things like Latin Erotic Vacations trying to seem like they’re really commenting on a Bears post :).

  5. On a more serious note, I am excited about Brandon Marshall’s on-field potential…but terrified of the off-field decisions that he makes and those potential ramifications. I am also stoked that we actually have a legitimate back-up quarterback now…maybe even two! I like what Emery is doing and hope he continues to shore up all of our weaknesses. Dare I say we come out of the blocks a real-live contender next year?!? Go Bears!

  6. brandon marshall.welcome to the bears

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