Bears to Wear Throwbacks in 2010

I have to admit that these days, aging with kids, career and other activities, I miss news that I never would have missed 10 years ago.  I was aghast to find out today that I missed the announcement two days ago that the Bears will be wearing a 1940′s throwback uniform in two home games in 2010.

I’m a uniform history nut so I’m excited.  I swear to you that my Chicago Bears uniform history page was created before the Bears first placed anything like this in their media guide.  And after mine went up, theirs followed.

My only beef is I’d like to see an early 60′s throwback with the white C on the helmet, but I guess it’s something.  Better than the alleged 1946  throwback worn in 2004 at Dallas, which was really just a composite of several uniform components over the years. And certainly better than the sellout orange jerseys that are only intended to boost merchandise sales.

According to the Bears’ site, the throwback will be unveiled at the Bears Expo this weekend.  I’ll try to snap some pics to post.

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  1. Roy, you mention in “Chicago Bears uniform history” the 1946 throwback uniform of 2004 was a mix of 1930′s and 1960′s uniforms. They probably figured 1946 because it’s the mean value of 1930 and 1960, increased by one. So my guess is the alleged 1936 throwback we will see this season will be a mean value of 1920′s 1950′s uniforms. It will be fun to see what those tan pants or black jerseys look like. Now, the bears site says it will be a 1946 throwback… But we’ve seen that in 2004 already?!

  2. That’s right Sven, they did say in 2004 that they were 1946 uniforms, but they weren’t, because they did have the white C on the helmets which they didn’t introduce until 1962. Actually the one that is pictured on the site does look like 1946. I’d still like to see a 1960′s throwback, they’d be pretty much the same except for a thinner pants stripe, the white C and gray or white facemasks. I think that would be cool. But at least they’re finally doing a throwback instead of the stupid orange jerseys that are a travesty to their history. I’d like to see them wear a throwback every year, as long as they’re cool looking. The Chargers in powder blue are cool. I hope these new uni’s they’ll unveil Saturday are too-but I’ll have to see them in person to make that judgment.

  3. I personally really liked the alternate orange uniforms. It was a good mix up from the traditional fair, and I liked the “loudness” they gave the team on the field.

  4. I’d love seeing the 1960′s uniforms too.

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