Bears to be Major Players?

Today Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times writes a very thorough piece, quoting a league source that says the McCaskey family has given Jerry Angelo the OK to spend up to $25 million on free agents.  If this happens, so much for Ted Phillips’ statement that the Bears would not go “hog wild”.

Jensen also says that there was a buzz around the NFL Draft combine that the Bears would be major players.  And that Jerry Angelo and company will indeed make a run at Julius Peppers.

Not to forget, it is also thought that the Washington Redskins could be angling for Peppers as well, and if history is any indication Daniel Snyder’s Redskins will outspend any other team for the player they want.  (And it’s still funny that every move Snyder makes seems to haunt rather than reward him).

It’s possible that Peppers himself could command that $25 million up front himself.  And given the question marks surrounding his play, personally I’d be leery if the Bears neglected their other needs at safety, offensive line and guard to put all their eggs in Peppers’ basket.

But if anything it seems that Friday will be interesting.

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  1. Just read that the Jets will release Thomas Jones… But alas to Jerry and Lovie,bringing him back would probably be like actually admitting they never should have gotten rid of him in the first place…

  2. This free agent pool will be exciting, screw the draft. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. I’d say you’re right on that Brian….

  4. How do you get rid of a guy after a 1400 yard season. I have a feeling more teams will be interested in Jones than any of the “experts” think.

  5. I’m not sure what I believe at this point in terms of what the Bears are actually going to spend, or who they’ll pursue. This is stating the obvious, but I’m sure they want it publicly reported as much as possible that they are going to be “strong” players for Peppers.

    I really don’t believe that, nor do I believe they’re going to actually get him. But in Angelo’s world, as long as it publicly looks like they “tried” to get a top tier player like Peppers, that’s enough to save face. And as a few of you mentioned earlier, bringing Jones back would be admitting they were idiots letting him go in the first place, so coming back isn’t happeing.

    I heard Jurko on 1000 last night mention a good analogy talking about who the Bears could ultimately wind up with at positions of need. The way he said it was what would you really want, an Armani shirt, or 5 from Kohl’s? My guess is that until proven otherwise, instead of the Kohl’s level, the Bears will wind up with Family Dollar level guys.

  6. Safety,offensive linemen, need need need need

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