Bears Terrible in Dress Rehearsal

For all NFL teams, the third preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the season, the most important event until real play begins.

And the Chicago Bears looked atrocious.  I can’t remember the Bears looking worse in the third preseason game in all my years watching them.  Worse than Wanny bad, worse than Jauron/Shoop bad.  Bad.

What are your thoughts?  Maybe someone can tell me whether we should feel worse about the offensive failures or the defensive failures.

Regardless, I have far from a warm feeling with two weeks left until the season opener.

10 Responses to “Bears Terrible in Dress Rehearsal”

  1. Watching that game made me think this is going to be one long long season. The fact the offensive line looks terrible is definitely concerning. But again this is preseason, and the scores dont matter, the overall stats dont matter. What does matter is individual performance. The number one thing is that Chris Williams looks god awful. Kreutz looks like he’s done, the rest of the line is simply mediocre. Cutler is scared to hold on to the ball for more than 2 seconds.

    On defense, you constantly saw Chris Harris messing up. Not only that we just continue to see injury after injury to our star players.

    What’s going to happen in the regular season? Who knows. Everyone said in 2008 our offensive line was god awful and we wouldnt win more than 5 games. Our offense line held up during the regular season for the most part and we won 9 games and it was mostly our defense that blew everything (Which was evident in the 3rd preseason game that season).

    This preseason we see the defense still not getting stops on 3rd down and they let two terrible QBs look decent to good in Anderson and Leinart.

    My opinion is simply this. The Bears are going to suck this year. Of course I hope I’m wrong in this and the Bears look the complete opposite when the season starts.

    Good news? IT will get Lovie Smith fired and hopefully the higher ups take it as a sign to completely clean house.

  2. The way they look preseason coupled with their very tough schdeule, yeah, I would not be surprised to see 4 win season. Unless they can pick up a couple servicable O-Linemen once other teams make some cuts and somewhow figure out how to stop 3rd down conversions defensively, I am pretty much resolved to this fact.

  3. DB’s consistently out of place and taking bad angles, check. Derek Andersen cutting up the secondary like he was Joe Montana, check. Same tired end-a-rounds that result in 8 yard losses, check. More injuries to key starters, check. Ugly doesn’t even begin to decsribe it. I have to side with Scott, where the hell was Chris Harris going on some of those plays? He looked lost. 3rd down conversions continue to haunt this defense and it doesn’t look to improve anytime soon. As far as the offense goes I thought at one point that Ron Turner may have left his playbook in the booth and Martz found it and started using it. Cutler is obviously gunshy after the beating he took during the Oakland game and I didn’t see any evidence that it he will get the protection that he needs by the regular season. Everything seems to be in total disarray.

  4. I’m just going to be blindly optimistic and keep telling myself this is only the preseason. Hey at least Chester Taylor looked REALLY tough, and Tommie Harries had some spunk too.

  5. Unfortunately, I have to say I agree with all the despair being voiced here. And to think, the latest issue of ESPN magazine has the Bears finishing at 9-7 and possibly making the playoffs. Based on what I’ve seen so far, unfortunately I’m thinking 4-12 may be more realistic than 9-7.

  6. “Tommie Harries had some spunk too”

    Really then for the first time in a long while. 2 years ?

  7. I have them going 7-9 again. They’ll be 7-5 before losing their last 4 games.

    Just looking at schedules..Its sad to say, but I think the Packers will go 12-4 and the Vikings 10-6. Both teams will beat the Bears in all four meetings.

  8. They looked terrible in all three phases. Jay looked out of sync and very shaky. The receivers were running into each other on the routes. Our receivers can’t get any separation from the cornerbacks. How do we give up third and long first downs all night long? Our kicking game is a joke. Who did we lose on special teams to make us look this bad. Green Bay will put up a double nickle on us if we play this horrible. I do think Martz will call what the offense is capable of doing and Tice will get the most out of the line. Peppers is unstoppable and Urlacher has to help. I’m already sick to my stomach.

  9. coome guys stop dubting the bears rember 1985 bears went 1-3 on pre seson why wory it preseason

  10. I wouldn’t care if the Bears went 0-4 in preseason as long as the starters made some good impressions…but unfortunately they haven’t thus far.

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