Bears TAKE APART Dolphins

I’m writing this, watching the NFL Network postgame show, listening to the traveling Bears fans in Miami massively, loudly disrupt the postgame show.  Reminds me of when we did the same thing in St. Louis in 2006 after that nationally televised Bears win.  That night, the Edward Jones Dome actually sent security up to try to quiet the traveling Bears contingent (unsuccessfully).  Haven’t seen this much Bears fever since then.

Way to go Bears fans!

Take that, my friends at!  I have to say that’s my favorite website; I read it every morning when I get up and every evening before I turn in.  But they have now predicted Bears losses unanimously three weeks straight.  And they’ve been wrong three weeks straight.

Yes, the Bears were fortunate to see the Dolphins when they could only field their third string quarterback.  But to me, no Miami quarterback would have done any better against the fierce Bears defense fielded tonight.

Did someone blackmail Mike Martz?  After three Bears losses in four games earlier this season, the focus was on Martz’ inflexibility and refusal to run the ball.  Since then, the offensive balance has been the key to three straight wins.

Once again, I can’t say enough about the resurgence of the Bears defense.  This was by far the most dominant Bears defensive performance since 2006.  The personnel doesn’t seem like it should match up with these teams, but they’re playing better on that side of the ball since the Super Bowl season.

Now that Mike Vick is in the forefront of the media as being the new darling of the NFL, who seem to forget his numerous criminal activities, the Chicago defense vs. Vick is set up as the marquee matchup of Thanksgiving weekend.

For the remainder of NFL week 11, I think all of us Bears fans need to become overnight Viking fans, as unpalatable as that seems.  A Viking win over the Packers in Minneapolis would give the Bears a virtual one and a half game lead in the division.

But I’ll be savoring this complete victory, against the odds and the “experts” predictions, well into next week.

Congrats to the Bears on their 700th regular season victory, most in NFL history.  I sure enjoyed it.

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  1. While I saw headlines on ESPN this week such as “Is Thigpen the second coming of Tony Romo” and talk of him becoming Tom Brady and shredding the Bears defense. Now of course ESPN will say that the Bears are still not that good because their defense faced a 3rd string QB.

    I absolutely cannot stand that network and all their talking heads they put out there..More of their experts picked the Bears over Miami than Miami over the Bears so atleast all their “experts” arent completely idiots.

    The real test to me is how they handle Vick. I honestly would love a repeat of the 2005 game against Vick. But we shall see what happens.

  2. Scott, that 2005 game was beautiful, if I recall Vick was in the middle of a lovefest from the media at that time as well. And as we all know his ass got shut down. It was bitterly cold that night and I loved it-that would be awesome if mother nature pumped in some cold for the Eagles game. I don’t think he’d function like he did Monday night.

  3. Will Piso be back by next Sunday? the D, esp. with him back (though Roach played very well) has the spead to keep Vick in check. Especially if Peppers brings it again.

  4. What a great win last night!!! I think the success of the Bears the rest of the season will be determined by Cutler and the Offensive Line. The Defense is flying around and playing great ball, and I don’t see that changing. Hester is the biggest special teams threat in football again. If Forte gets a little blocking he has been showing that he can be a very effective runner. I hope Jay can play mistake free football, and the Offensive Line can keep him healthy. Lets Go Bears!!!

  5. AMEN the “D” is back! Now IF the offense can catch up to speed, My beloved Bears will be a force! and kudos for last nights play calling, on both sides of the ball.

  6. Well I dont think the Vikings are going to help us at all.

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