Bears Tag Detroit with 48

Great to see the Bears win over Detroit and put up 48 points.  This was the kind of win we needed to see over an opponent like this.  I said it all day yesterday and will say it again-with this Bears defense thank God we now have an offense that can and will outscore their opponent.

Even if that opponent is the Lions.

3-1 at the bye week-nice.

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  1. That may be the most dominant special teams performance I’ve seen yet. Dave Toub may well be the MVP of this entire organization.

  2. Special Teams was simply incredible in this victory. Between Knox, Hester, Bennett, Manning, Maynard, and Gould they all performed very well.

    The only real concern in this game is the defense in the first half. They were god awful. Luckily a halftime adjustment made by Lovie Smith corrected that and the Bears defense only allowed 120 yards compared to about 278 in the 1st half by the Lions. They also collected 5 sacks on Stafford. Cutler for once didnt have to throw a large number of passes.

    In other news..Looks like McDaniels has figured out how to use Kyle Orton. 5 TDs and 0 INTs thus far and well obvious he still cant throw a deep pass, but they seem to play to his strength of quick passes then YAC

  3. The Bears looked good. I know the D gave up 21 in the first half, but Cutler and Co. kept matching them point for point.

    I think the thing that is being underplayed is the offensive gameplan of the Lions.
    They used the Bears aggressiveness against them. Other than the slip screen that ended up in the belly of Tommie Harris, the Lions offense owned the first half.
    Hopefully, if the nest opponent uses this game plan adjustments will be made on the fly (instead of waiting til halftime). If Lovie would have mixed in fewer blitzes and rushed with a very capable front four on many of the Lions big plays. THe Bears would have won something like 48-14. (Man, I miss Urlacher closing up the middle of the field.)

    I am not complaining. The Bears have the talent and the will to win out if they so choose. I could not be happier with where the Bears are in going into the second quarter of the season.

    GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is a very different Bears teams from the past. I always felt Lovie and company did a great job preparing for games, but always had problems adjusting. Now, after four straight weeks, the Bears haven’t had great starts, but have adjusted on the fly. They are actually finishing games. Good to see.

  5. That first half was a little too close for comfort, but a win’s a win. Forte even had a couple nice runs, maybe the line is starting to gel? Good thing they have a couple weeks to prep for Atlanta, Matt Ryan looks tough.

  6. i think that the more jay lets teams know that we hade wideouts the more forte will get his chance. im sure an oppponets mindset is stop forte and stop our offense.. cutler right now is showing that there are other weapons and the box will start to open for a running game

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