Bears Swept by Packers in 2009

It’s officially over, not that it hasn’t been unofficially over for a month.  But when the Green Bay Packers won yesterday 21-14, the second time in 2009, they officially eliminated the 2009 Bears from playoff contention.

What a year….one that began with such high hopes, only to see it crushed into the ground like a cigarette butt by a combination of personnel and coaching incompetence.  Having a team that racks up 10+ penalties a game doesn’t help.

At least now we don’t have to hear Lovie’s mathematics, things like “if we win a series of 10 one-game seasons, we still have a chance to make the playoffs.”  It’s all history now.

More pathetic history.

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  1. Let’s cut the crap – I’ve still seen people trying to defend Angelo and Lovie’s continued incompetence. The fact of the matter is there is no defense for what this joke of an organization has become, as Roy has clearly documented.

    For god knows what reason, I spent my afternoon watching this game. While I saw flashes of Cutler looking sharp, I again saw the same garbage we’ve seen all year — miscommunication in week 13 between Cutler/Knox and 100+ pentalty yardage – probably 50 yards between Omiylale/Williams, and the continued incompetence of this coaching staff.

    We all saw what Lovie did with his 2/1 timeout and challenge, and not surprisingly, it made no sense whatsoever. Then I heard his explanation, and Turner/Cutler’s explanation, after the game, which did not add up. I was glad to see this happen though, yet another example of this idiot’s line of thinking, and further digging his own grave. Bottom line, this man is a clueless moron, but that’s only about a third of the problem.

    The other two thirds make up the garbage pile of a roster we have, and the incompetent upper management we have starting with the McCaskey clan, Teddy, and Angelo. This organization is just disgusting, and it may be a decade before we compete for anything again.

  2. This is the most schizophrenic football team I have ever seen.

  3. Grabber: Yeah that time out then failed challenge was TYPICAL Lovie Smith. The guy is horrible at challenges. Maybe it’s his coaching staff that’s responsible but the bottom line is Lovie is the guy that surrounds himself with these clowns so the buck stops at Lovie.

    Oh and that opening drive for the Pack where Ryan Grant ran for a long TD…Lovie probably threw up on the sidelines when it happened (or just stared blankly). What a year.

  4. At least the bears showed some fire after coming out sleepwalking to start the game as usual. The zillion penalties and mistakes killed any chance to hold on though. Lets all hold out hope for a press conference after the lions game announcing the firing of Lovie.

  5. Same old sorry story. Atleast the Bears played competitive. While Cutler threw some damning interceptions he countered that with some sweet TD throws. Penalties on the O-Line were the major killer.

    I ask this. Why was Frank Omiyale put back in at LG? He is a disaster of a player.

  6. At least the Bears played competitive? That’s all you care about?

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