“Bears Still Alive”

So much I’ve wanted to say since Thanksgiving Day, but no time.

Getting caught up. For today, here are links to the Chicago Tribune story and Chicago Sun Times story on the thrilling overtime victory over the Denver Broncos.

I’d love to believe the 2007 Chicago Bears are still alive in the playoff hunt. I’d truly love to believe that. It was a cold, messy one out there yesterday, and a fun game to watch. Thankfully I didn’t leave early like a lot of people, but I thank them for it, making my long drive home easier.

But can a team that relies on an electrifying kick returner to score two touchdowns really run the table and go 5-0 against five difficult opponents the rest of the year? A team whose offense still is mortifying to their fans?

I’d love to be able to believe that. At least they’re making it somewhat interesting for us. That’s all for now.

4 Responses to ““Bears Still Alive””

  1. Now that Benson is gone–what about claiming good old Samkon Gado off waivers. Can’t imagine he’d cost much, and the reward could conceivably be big.

  2. John Munzenmaier on November 27th, 2007 at 8:57 am

    The Bears may still be alive, but you had better call the priest in to give the last rites. What a bummer this season has been!

  3. Well said John, well said.

  4. Crazier things have happened in the NFL. However, it’s hard to believe they will run the table considering they haven’t won two in a row all season. Despite the win, they still looked like crap most of the game. At least the game was exciting to watch. They were boring the hell out of me for most of the season.

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