Bears Sign Exciting New Receiver

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The Bears have made The Onion.  What a great milestone in Chicago Bears History.  According to this source, the Bears have signed a dynamic new wide receiver.  A receiver that could team with Jay Cutler to create the best quarterback-receiver duo in Bears history.

The sad thing is, it’s really not too far off from being true!  But I’ll have to say for now that Ed Brown to Harlon Hill and Jim McMahon to Willie Gault were probably still better.  Two dynamic quarterback-receiver pairs in 90 years.  Pretty sad.

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  1. Don’t McMahon to McKinnon either.

  2. Don’t forget McMahon to McKinnon either.

  3. Don’t forget McMahon to McKinnon.

  4. what is the name of the new receiver ? i think da bears should go after plexico,holt,toomer,or harrison , but i think they should really sign holt and furrey from detroit that way in the draft we can address the cb-safty position and maybe grab a receiver in the 2nd round to learn from holt and hester can learn from him as well as well as bennett can learn from him too even if him and cutler played in college he’ll learn how to be an elite receiver with what holt can teach them and furrey has good hands even if he doesn’t like too get hit that would be a super up grade holt and furrey and a receiver in da 2nd round and a corner back / safty in the 3rd and the 5th round and we can go from there……….

  5. its a goodyear tire

  6. Strangley enough, Bears make the onion fairly regularly. See below.

  7. One more really good one:

  8. Another Onion type story: Will Rex show Jay Cutler around town? —

  9. I heard some rumors floating about Anquan Boldin and the Cardinals are considering a trade. The Bears have been mentioned in the trade but I do not find it likely that Chicago could pose a fair trade for Boldin. They have slim pickings this year for draft picks (due to the Cutler trade) and do not have a first round pick for 2010 either. The only possible option I see would be to put Devin Hester on the trading block. I think that this would be a bad move in multiple ways. First, Bears fans love Devin Hester and It would be hard to let him leave Chicago. Also, Devin Hester hasn’t had much of an opportunity to prove himself as a wide receiver under the quarterbacks of Bear’s past. With Jay Cutler coming into the mix, I think Devin Hester should be set for a great year. I would love to see the Bears pick up another receiver but the odds of them getting Boldin are very unlikey.

  10. How about Anthony Russo from the University of Washington?
    Fast, quick, strong, long arms and ran the fastest shuttle in workouts?

  11. I remember Russo
    Set all the receiving, kickoff and punt return records there.
    1/2 Devon Hester 1/2 Bobby Engram

  12. Here’s another great “onion” type of story about the bears…well, actually two:

    1. Punting for Dummies –

    2. Go-Go Scooters Invade Halas Hall –

    Have fun!

  13. we need alot of help at reciver peppers will help on D but he’s not a reciver and chester taylor is all right but not a reciver what are they doing get that old bitch out of the office she dont know shit about football should of picked up brandon marshall

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