Bears Shore up Corner Depth

One of my personal concerns since the Bears haven’t made any major signings on defense has been the state of the cornerback position. Top corner Charles Tillman made his first Pro Bowl in 2011, and the hope is that despite the beating his body has taken over his nine-year career, he will continue to perform at a high level.

Yes, the team also re-signed #2 corner Tim Jennings, and I do think Jennings is a decent player in Chicago’s scheme if there is a solid pass rush.

But with the departure of Corey Graham and Zack Bowman (no loss there), the Bears found themselves with only two corners on the roster (with the exception of nickel back DJ Moore). That was until last week, when they signed Kelvin Hayden and Jonathan Wilhite.

I have to say, that’s nice work on the Bears and GM Phil Emery’s parts. Going from a bust 3rd corner in Bowman and a primarily special teams player in Graham, to two corners that have legitimate starting experience was a nice pair of moves.

I’m still concerned about the safety position. The oft-injured Major Wright and Chris Conte are our starters; behind them the Bears field Craig Steltz and Winston Venable. Not making me feel good given that the safeties are more important in Lovie Smith’s scheme than the corners. We can only hope that in the draft, along with a stud defensive end and tackle, the Bears are able to find a safety with talent-not just throwing yet another late-round pick at the position as Jerry Angelo did year after year.

Speaking of Angelo, I have been working on a massive article about his years in Chicago. My real-life schedule has pushed the delivery date back and back, but hang in there with me.

4 Responses to “Bears Shore up Corner Depth”

  1. Good depth signings. Emery’s done a nice job so far, can’t wait til the draft!

  2. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like there’s a ton of safety talent in this draft–much less free safety depth, which is what we really need–so I’ll bet we stick with what we have. No sense chasing after more mediocre talent.

  3. The same thoughts went through my mind when I heard about the corner signings. It seems no one is talking about the safeties and instead saying we need DL, but look at our safeties. Wright/Conte/Steltz are just ok, but the Bears really need a new Mike Brown to get the most out of Lovie’s system. I’m pretty sure no opposing QB goes into the week concerned about how they will account for Wright/Conte/Steltz…

  4. I actually was quite happy with the production of Conte and Wright. However, Wright is no good if he is not on the field, and Conte also got hurt. Steltz is a fine backup SS, and didn’t do too bad when he was used properly. Of course, if an upgrade is to be had, go do it. There wasn’t much out there via FA, so no need to waste money on such talent.

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