Bears “Shopping” Dependable Brown

“Shopping” in quotes because it doesn’t seem like they’ll get anything for him, but hot news this morning from Brad Biggs is that the Bears are looking to deal defensive end Alex Brown, one of the most consistent performers of the Jerry Angelo era.  And frankly, a guy that seems to be a real good person, which makes it a shame.

Biggs notes several times that Brown is the “odd man out” since the signing of Julius Peppers, with Mark Anderson and Israel Idonije figuring into the rotation.  I don’t understand, what other than Brown’s $5 million salary makes him the odd man out?

Anyway, again, Brown has been one of the few finds in the draft by Angelo.  Back in 2002, when since the last days of Richard Dent in 1993 the Bears had been continually drafting mid-round prospects to make an impact at defensive end but never did, Angelo picked Brown in the fourth round.  I remember hoping that Brown would be that pick, and he was, but also remember hearing a lot of dissenters commenting that Brown was a waste of a pick who was lazy a lot of the time at Florida.  In fact, that is exactly what dropped a potential first-round talent to the fourth.

Brown landed the first of two nice contract extensions in 2004 following a four-sack game against the New York Giants.  He was awarded another extension prior to the 2008 season.  If he has played his last game as a Bear, he will be missed to me more for being the type more NFL players should emulate than what he ever did on the field.

4 Responses to “Bears “Shopping” Dependable Brown”

  1. Brown is a monster against the run and isn’t a bad pass rusher either. I was looking forward to seeing him and Peppers as our DEs.

  2. This is a major mistake by the Bears and I really hope no one bites and takes him because they are going to get a consistent pass rusher in Brown. He’s no monster, but he is good for atleast 6 sacks a season.

    The Bears are really going to go for Idonije or Mark Anderson in a win or everyone gets fired season? Talk about sabotage.

  3. eh hes been slowing up as late. He was a good de but it time for anderson to step in now. Anderson is alot faster and quicker to ball. Him and peppers will be a good DE combo. Goodbye brown , thks for the 06 run.

  4. Brown is one of my favorite Bears players but this might be a good business decision, to cut loose on an aging DE while he still has some value and replacing him with maybe a 3rd or 4th round DE for the future. Of course letting it be known that he might get released is not a good idea.

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