Bears Shock & Upset Eagles

Why is it when I go out on a limb and have faith in my Bears, stating for the record that I believe in them (2006 Super Bowl, 2010 Patriots, 2010 NFC Championship), they go out and lay an egg.  Then when I’m skeptical and just can’t believe they can do it, they pull of a heady win?  Maybe everyone will hope that I publicly state my disbelief.

Yes, I had some faith in the fact that the Chicago Bears have for whatever reason matched up well against the Philadelphia Eagles since 2007, especially when Mike Vick is the quarterback.  Yet for the last two weeks the “experts” just couldn’t get off the fact that LeSean McCoy and the Eagles pass rush would be unstoppable.  There was no way Matt Forte would prove himself to be the better running back than McCoy, they said.  Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t argue with them.

I’m really proud to be a Bear fan tonight.   For as much as I get frustrated with Lovie Smith’s defense at times, early on in this game I found myself amazed that Smith’s defenders were always around the ball, proving that they were every bit the match for Vick, McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Macklin.  And they were.

And I’ve never been happier for a Bears offensive line than tonight.  All we heard about was the formidable Eagles line of Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin and Trent Cole.  And I’ll be damned-I didn’t even say it out loud until late in the fourth quarter, but the Bears held perhaps the best line they’ve faced all year to zero sacks.  This is exactly what we have been hearing would happen from Smith/Tice & company and it seems to be happening.

Mentally the Bears couldn’t ask for a better situation going into (another) pivotal game for their playoff hopes against the Lions on the 13th.  The only disadvantage I can see is the Bears playing off a short week while Detroit is rested coming out of their bye.

But I suddenly like our odds.

Bear down, Bears.

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  1. Great game! Going in, I was skeptical as well, but hoped we would have success against Michael Vick as we had in the past. The line really couldn’t have played any better and they are really starting to show some cohesiveness as a unit. We got lucky on that fake punt – had the punter actually gotten him the ball, he probably would have scored a touchdown. We had to have been going for a block (or we just had a complete breakdown) – why else would BOTH gunners be left uncovered like that???

  2. Loved the play early when Briggs chased down Vick.

  3. Count me as one of the people who didn’t buy the Phily hype. Of course, any hype involving Michael Vick I’ve never bought. And, that 7.5 point spread? Please. I put 10 points on the Bears, and I got a bonus with a win. Too bad everyone else in my pool thought the same thing. Only one person picked the Eagles to cover. Come on, the DET game spread wasn’t that high.

  4. Bears played a pretty solid game overall. Despite the 2 rare fumbles from Forte, the offense perseveres (thank GOD for Barber and Bennett) with 13 unanswered points. The defense did a fantastic job all night not letting Vick run past them. Eagles made more critical mistakes, but give credit to the Bears for taking advantage. So now, even with this third win in a row and coming home to face the Lions next Sunday, I’m sure Detroit will be favored coming off a bye. Bears wouldn’t have it any other way. Week after week they excel in proving all the skeptics dead wrong. They think every win the Bears get is a fluke. Truth is, the Bears have a really good defense that keeps them in every game. Just ask Vick.

  5. What a great game. Suddenly 10-6 seems within reach, and 11-5 is a strong possibility if we can take care of Detroit on Sunday.

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