Bears Shock Dallas, Start 2-0

Wow.  I can’t gloat, because I wasn’t one that thought it could happen (nod to Andy and Kenneth from Friday who gave it a chance).  Despite looking like their quarterback would be killed before halftime, the Chicago Bears prevailed, beating the Cowboys 27-20 and earning their first win in big D since 1986.

I had a friend, originally from Tampa and a Bucs fan, join me for the game, and he arrived just after Dez Bryant’s punt return when Dallas took a 7-3 lead.  Catching him up on things, I told him that the Bears lost their left tackle and it looked like Cutler was going to get killed, but overall despite the deficit, the Bears were representing well.  And it only got better, as we would find out.

The second thing I told him, after Greg Olsen’s 39-yard touchdown pass, was how glad I am that Mike Martz is our offensive coordinator. Martz was vilified as he was run out of St. Louis, then he was successively run out of Detroit and San Francisco. But the way he adjusted to Dallas’ defensive game plan, not only coming up with the exact answer in some quick-hitting passes, but also flipping Frank Omiyale to the left side when it was clear Kevin Shaffer wasn’t comfortable there, to me was pure genius. Then after Johnny Knox’s long reception that set up Chicago’s second touchdown, I told him I haven’t seen a Bear offense play like this in my 32 years of following the team. And I truly haven’t.

Now back to me, the alleged Bear fan of 32 seasons that didn’t have faith.  Lovie, Urlacher and Briggs have been directing comments at me for the last three seasons, chastising me and my brethren that don’t believe the Bears are what they say they are. And I’m sorry, but I’ve built the Bears up for the last three seasons only to be let down time and time again. So for this week, I give Lovie, Urlacher, Briggs, and the rest of the team credit for getting it done despite the odds.

How about D.J. Moore, the diminutive cornerback, playing his second game as a pro, coming up with two interceptions? How about the defense, delivering hit after big hit, not letting up, continuing to pop balls out and create turnovers. And how about the defense limiting the Dallas running game to 38 yards. Chicago’s defense now leads the NFL in rushing yards allowed by far.

What a Monday Night matchup this has set up at Soldier Field with 2-0 Green Bay, EVERYONE’S lock to win the Super Bowl. This is the perfect opportunity for Lovie, Urlacher, Briggs and their teammates to quiet all doubters.

It will be interesting to see the line that will be installed on this game. I predict Green Bay will be favored by three, and of course I hope the Bears will take the opportunity to make believers out of everyone who has doubted them to this point.

But for now, I’ll enjoy this great win over the hated Cowboys. I haven’t felt this Bears optimism since 2006. And I’m remembering, I like how this feels.

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  1. Overall, a very positive game. But I’d like to see more pressure from the defensive line. The linebacking corps has been spectacular.

  2. So this is what it feels like to have coordinators that make in game adjustments. Pretty nice!

  3. Hah, thanks for the shoutout.

    How cool–and eerie–was it to see a guy wearing number 30 being in just the right position to make a bunch of turnovers?

    Congrats to D.J. Moore, and keep it up kid.

  4. It’s so great to be a Bears fan right now, enjoy it everyone! Kenneth, I was thinking the same thing, DJ Moore reminded me of Mike Brown with his “right place, right time” knack…let’s hope that trend keeps going.

    Dallas was a good challenge, but beating Green Bay would set Chicago on fire with Bears believers. I can’t wait for Monday!

  5. I’m happy with the win but there are some things that bother me about the Bears They didn’t seem to execute too well on third down, Troy Aikman brough this up yesterday, and that Jay Cutler was getting like no protection early on. Luckily Martz mad adjustments. The next few weeks will obviously show if Da Bears are for real.

  6. “Martz was vilified as he was run out of St. Louis, then he was successively run out of Dallas and San Francisco.”

    I think you mean Detroit not Dallas.

  7. You’re right, I did mean to say Detroit. Thanks for pointing that out!

  8. D.J. Moore was good but don`t forget Tillman.

    First Int and fumble both forced by him.

  9. What impressed me about DJ Moore was his soft hands. Lots of DBs are “around the ball.” But very few have the ability to hang onto deflected passes – especially that first pass, which Moore snatched off his shoetops.

    Green Bay will be a tough challenge. Their offense is much better than that of Dallas or Detroit. I’d love to see Forte run the football successfully, and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

  10. I’m happy that the bears are 2n0 but a little worried about the fact that have to keep telling us how good they are. Why can’t they be humble and start talking about mon. Against green bay that’s gonna be the real test. Cutler mentioned it but lovie what happened to were gonna start by beating green bay. I hope they can pull it off go bears.

  11. Let’s also give Mike Tice credit for fixing that offensive line situation in a hurry. Martz was all over the playcalling changes. the 1-3 step drop quick hitters over the middle not only exploited the blitz-happy defense but did so in a way that made them pay a heavy price, as opposed to turner-esque screen passes that would gather that most 5-10 yards per attempt

  12. Kudos for DJ Moore being in the right place at the right time. Lord knows how many other times we have had our DB’s out of place (Afalava, Payne). But Moore is running his mouth a little too much about intimidation. Austin, Witten & GuaRoyTeed still caught balls for first downs & held on after getting belted.
    I also want to second the Mike Tice comment above – he calmed down the o-line. Seems like he and Martz work very well together.

  13. Same feeling as Kenneth and Perno: number 30 is back! Nice team work though, tackling the receiver while keeping him on his feet so someone can knock the ball loose and another can recuperate it.
    And what a game by Cutler hanging in there and making huge plays: W-H-A-O-W! Incredible also how the O-line adjusted and gave Dallas a challenge!
    I guess having 3 ex-headcoaches is paying dividendes!
    Hey, they may not have “pounded them into a powder on the Texas Stadium turf” this time, but man what a game!
    Plus as a bonus, Jerry Jones got pissed and Lovie showed his feelings!

    Can’t wait for Monday.

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