Bears Schooled by Packers

What a fitting way to lose a game in every area.  I rarely, rarely leave a Bears game early–something told me to stay at both miracle finishes in 2001 and I did.  But with the Bears losing 27-17 with two minutes remaining yesterday, I did bail because I was disgusted.

Just this morning I am seeing the video of the amazing punt return play resulting in a touchdown for Johnny Knox that was called back on a stupid penalty.  I have to say that is amazing, how could the entire Packers team follow Devin Hester and not the ball?  So that is why we heard the stadium roar as I was half a mile away.

But regardless it was a loss, and the Bears were simply out-classed by the Packers in every area.  Part of me thinks the game wasn’t as close as the score indicated, but in other ways it seems as the loss wasn’t as bad as the score indicated.  But a loss, especially at home to the Packers, is a loss.

At the start of the season, I agreed with Dan Pompei of the Tribune that the Bears may be a better team in 2011 but finish with a worse record than 2010.  Prior to opening day I even wrote that I had a sinking feeling that this season might start of like 1992, with a rousing win opening day, followed by losses in New Orleans and to Green Bay that might take the air out of the Bears sails.

Then after the Bears’ dominating win over the Falcons I convinced myself that I was wrong-that the Bears must be a team hungry to prove people like me wrong.  They were going to start 3-0 and shock everyone, with enough gas left in the tank to make at least one more strong run in 2011.  Looks like that feeling I started getting in the week before the New Orleans loss was completely wrong.

I won’t analyze the latest loss to the Packers too much here.  The stats speak for themselves-Chicago’s worst rushing performance in at least 50 years.  Horrible dropped passes, our franchise quarterback off the mark much of the time, stupid penalties.  All this happening while our arch-rival Super Bowl champs continue to look like the class of the NFL.  Not much more to say there.

What is sobering to this Bears fan is to start having to consider what the future holds for this team while the Packers look to be armed to the tooth and continuing to get stronger.

The Bears defense would be good enough to win some games for the team in 2011 as long as the offense could do its fair share.  But at this point it looks like that won’t happen.  And the cornerstone of the defense, Brian Urlacher, won’t be around after a couple more seasons, so defensively the window is closing.

On offense, the only franchise quarterback the team has had in my 32 seasons watching the team may not be the answer.  Not due to his physical skills, but the recurring, continuing problems with his accuracy and leadership.  On drive after failed drive Jay Cutler looked frustrated and mentally finished.  When the Bears traded for Cutler I was brainwashed by his physical skills-skills no Bears quarterback has possessed in decades.  This caused me to ignore the rumblings coming out of Denver about his true ability to win.  I’m starting to see this and question whether he’s ever going to be the answer.

I’m also now getting convinced that the Bears’ receivers are indeed a joke-Roy Williams looks completely incapable or uninterested in being an NFL receiver.

So in summary, things aren’t looking good for the 2011 Chicago Bears.  With the 3-0 Packers looking like they are unmatched in the conference and the 3-0 Detroit Lions looking like they’re for real, my hopes are not high.

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  1. A few things I noticed watching the game in the middle of Wisconsin. Our defense, if we would have won, would have earned that “save” to use a baseball term. That group did a lot of things right. The defense looks like a cohesive unit. Our offense, however, looks like a grade-school team picked based on popularity on the playground. They don’t work together, they don’t even seem to like each other much and to me that translates into “I don’t care a flip about this game.” Now the Packers obviously are a championship team and they look it. And I have to give credit to the Bears defense for keeping the game as close as it was. But Cutler needs to be protected, and when he is, he needs to make the play. Some boneheaded decision by Cutler, some unnecessary drops by good receivers and A LOT of false start/neutral zone infraction/offsides that just don’t happen with cohesive, good football teams. Now whether it’s the way the TV cameras show Cutler, or that’s the way it is, I rarely saw Cutler looking at photos after a play, he also never seemed to celebrate with his team when they did have a good drive. He seems very removed from it all, and that’s not the mark of a good leader, or a team players.

  2. Forget the final score was only a difference of 10 points and an official should be fired for the ‘holding’ call at the end. Bottom line, it’s clear the Packers have a huge edge over us on both sides of the ball. That’s the reality, and it will probably be that way for the next 10 years at least. And Angelo, Sweaty Teddy and Lovie need to be held accountable for that.

    I’d have loved nothing more than to see Rodgers’ smirk wiped right off his face by getting thrown on his head. But despite the D somehow keeping the score within shouting distance, the offense was a joke. Drops, no run game, failure to capitalize right before the half, stupid play calling and terrible clock management/time outs.

  3. What a travesty, a debacle, flagrant evidence of corruption and malefeasance on the part of the referees. It’s nice to know that our “objective” umpires take payola. Someone must have bet a lot of money on the Packers. We now need referees for the referees. I’m disgusted, not only as a Bears fan, but just as a viewer of the game in general. It doesn’t bother me when the Packs win in a fair-and-square game. The Bears had a chance with Knox’s TD, perhaps with an onside-kick they could have gained possession for that last critical minute. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with the NFL organization in general, this simply puts the icing on the cake. JUST LET THESE GUYS PLAY BALL, DAMNIT!

  4. Absolutely gutted watching that yesterday. The Bears were awful.

    Packers receivers seemed to be in acres of space everytime for Rodgers to throw the ball too compared to every time Cutler had the ball in his hands you could tell he was looking for where the hit was going to come from.

    Garza mis-counting the snap summed the game up for me.

    Looking on the bright side, a poor season might mean a decent draft pick. Any positions you lads think we have a need?????

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