Bears Release Nine So Far

Nothing much worth reporting on the final 2012 Chicago Bears preseason game, other than to breathe a sigh of relief that there weren’t any critical injuries. (I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on with DT Brian Price). After hearing of other teams playing their starters in the most meaningless exhibition, I’m glad to know that Lovie Smith always holds his players out.

It was interesting to me that third-string QB Josh McCown played the entire game, when it was all but a foregone conclusion that he would be cut the following day. And he was.

Is anyone keeping track today of how many more cuts the Bears have to make? Nine are already gone, including McCown, fullback Tyler Clutts, and other first-year wide receivers and defensive backs. How many more to go?

Update 1 p.m.: Clutts has not been waived, but was traded to Houston for CB Sherrick McManis. RB Armando Allen is the loser in the battle for third running back to Lorenzo Booker.

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  1. Interesting moves so far. Really thought Clutts would make the team, not surprised about Allen or McCown.

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